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Horror Film Tournament Round 2: Brackets C & D

Horror Icon collage of characters from famous horror movies
Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

You cast your votes in Round 1 and now only 32 films remain. Which film will stand alone when the voting is done? Cast your votes for Round 2 now!

  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a woman screams with terror in the shower
    • a man turns into a werewolf
      An American Werewolf in London
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • The thing a spider like alien creature
      The Thing
    • a couple kissing in a car at night
      It Follows
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a green skinned zombie with a bloodied shirt
      Dawn of the Dead
    • a woman under the floorboards with a demonic face
      Evil Dead
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • tippi hedren in a phone booth being attacked by birds
      The Birds
    • Halloween original logo
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Leatherface runs with a chainsaw
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • the 28 days later logo
      28 Days Later
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a couple hug tightly in front of the amityville house
      The Amityville Horror
    • Pinhead, a man with pins coming out of his head
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Betsy Palmer, Friday 13th
      Friday the 13th
      Betsy Palmer as Pamela Voorhees in Friday 13th
    • David Cronenberg's The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis
      The Fly
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • artists impression of a woman terrified and brandishing a knife in defence
    • A giant shark heads towards a swimmer from underwater

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