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Horror Film Tournament: Round 3

Horror Icon collage of characters from famous horror movies
Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

Only 16 horror films remain. Classics such as Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street bit the dust in Round 2 while Hereditary continues to hang on with the classics. Who will move onto the “Elite 8”? Voting begins now!

  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Danny rides up to twin girls in a corridor
      The Shining
    • toni collette screaming with terror
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • hannibal lecter in mask
      Silence of the Lambs
    • an alien egg glows neon yellow as it hatches
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a priest outside a house with a bright light shining down on him
      The Exorcist
    • Scream
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Carrie covered from head to toe in blood stares ahead with horror
    • Night of the living dead
      Night of the Living Dead
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a woman screams with terror in the shower
    • The thing a spider like alien creature
      The Thing
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • a woman under the floorboards with a demonic face
      Evil Dead
    • Mike Myers 'The Shape' in Halloween 2018
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Leatherface runs with a chainsaw
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • Pinhead, a man with pins coming out of his head
  • Pick One Film To Advance

    • Jeff Goldblum tranforms into a fly
      The Fly
    • A giant shark heads towards a swimmer from underwater

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  1. Psycho vs The Thing was a tough call for me. So many of these become a Sophie’s Choice and I am torn! 🙂

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