Horror Film Tournament: Round 4

Horror Icon collage of characters from famous horror movies
Horror collage art by Chais Labgenz

We started with 64 horror films and are now down to 8. The last round saw some nail-biting matchups with Psycho barely beating The Thing, 51% of the vote to 49% and then The Shining dominating Hereditary, taking 88% of the vote. Who will move on from the Elite 8 to the Final 4? Voting starts now!

  • Question of

    Pick One Film To Advance

    • Danny rides up to twin girls in a corridor
      The Shining
    • an alien egg glows neon yellow as it hatches
  • Question of

    Pick One Film To Advance

    • a priest outside a house with a bright light shining down on him
      The Exorcist
    • Carrie covered from head to toe in blood stares ahead with horror
  • Question of

    Pick One Film To Advance

    • a woman screams with terror in the shower
    • Halloween original logo
  • Question of

    Pick One Film To Advance

    • Leatherface runs with a chainsaw
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • A giant shark heads towards a swimmer from underwater

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