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Lost Character Tournament: Qualifying Round

Lost title card

This May marks ten years since Lost went off the air and to celebrate, 25YL is dedicating the month to the series that we obsessed over for six seasons. As part of that celebration, we will be having a 64 Lost character tournament. Its simple: in each head to head match-up, vote for the character that you want to stay in the tournament. Before we begin with the field of 64, we have a few matches to determine the final few spots.

Voting ends on Thursday April 30th at 8pm EDT. The tournament proper will begin on Monday May 4th.

  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Pickett points his gun
      Danny Pickett
    • Aldo points a gun
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • David Reyes
    • Dogen outside of The Temple
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Goodwin sits by the beach
    • Nadia looks at Locke
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Frogurt shot with flaming arrows
      Neil Frogurt
    • Michael and Walt with Vincent on the beach
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Jin bows to Mr. Paik
      Woo-Jung Paik
    • Radzinsky builds his model

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