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Lost Character Tournament: Round 1 Bracket B

This May marks ten years since Lost went off the air and to celebrate, 25YL is dedicating the month to the series that we obsessed over for six seasons. As part of that celebration, we will be having a 64 Lost character tournament. Its simple: in each head to head match-up, vote for the character that you want to stay in the tournament. Let’s get Round 1 started!

Voting ends on Friday May 8th at 8pm EDT. Brackets A,C and D are also available to be voted on.

  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Kate crying in the rainy jungle
    • Pickett points his gun
      Danny Pickett
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Bernard looks scared on the beach
    • Charlotte sits in the jungle with an awkward smile
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Faraday with an awkward smile on his face
    • Dr. Arzt handling explosives
      Dr. Arzt
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Charles Widmore holds an auction sign with the numbers 755
      Charles Widmore
    • Edward with Kate on Flight 815
      Edward Mars
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Jin in his Dharma outfit holds a gun
    • Nikki playing a stripper on Expose
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • claire from Lost
    • Naomi
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Rousseau holds her gun while listening to Hugo
    • Tom on his walkie
      Tom Friendly
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Ben wakes up in the Sahara Desert
    • Yemi says be quiet with his finger over his mouth

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