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Vampires! It’s the Buffy/Angel Character Tournament! (Quadrant A)

Welcome to the Buffy/Angel character tournament! This month marks the 25th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and to mark the occasion we’re publishing a number of new articles exploring the characters and themes of the show, along with some analysis devoted to specific episodes. There are some writers at TV Obsessive who seem to like Angel better, believe it or not, and there’s no reason to fight about it! Both shows are great.

But to take the opportunity to have some fun, here we present characters from both shows in a 64 character bracket tournament. It’s kind of like March Madness, but with vampires and you decide who wins!

So who is your favorite character in the Angelverse (or Buffyverse)? Will Buffy make it through to the end, or get knocked out early on against some dark horse? What about Angel? We honestly don’t know, but can’t wait to find out!

Below you will find a series of choices between two characters. Pick the one that you would like to see advance to the next round. It’s as simple as that! Now, are you choosing the “best” character or the most moral character, or the character you’d most like to have a beer with? Who cares? The criteria are basically up to you.

(N.B. Beer bad.)

Giles as Ripper looking in the mirror, mussing up his hair as he smokes a cigarette in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tell your friends, lobby on the social media of your choosing, join us in making predictions and tracking the numbers day by day in the comments! It’s more fun than studying for the SATs, we promise!

Here in Round 1, three other polls are available, for Quadrant B, Quadrant C, and Quadrant D of the bracket. Be sure to vote in them all and check back to see how the races are shaping up until the final results set in at midnight EST on March 6.

Then it’s on to the next round of the tournament next week! There can be only one and the Highlander’s not an option…

  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Buffy smiles as she sits in her office at the new Sunnydale High School
      (1) Buffy
    • Gwen is dressed up at a party
      (16) Gwen
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Groo stands in the palace
      (8) Groosalugg
    • Caleb looks threatening
      (9) Caleb
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Lorne stands in front of the bar at Caritas, looking shocked
      (5) Lorne
    • Holtz and his crew confront Angel
      (12) Holtz
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Illyria looks at something
      (4) Illyria
    • Adam is looking at something
      (13) Adam
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Dawn looks slightly concerned, sitting at the table in her house
      (6) Dawn
    • Robin looks at the menu at a restaurant
      (11) Robin Wood
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Faith eats cookies in the Mayor's office
      (3) Faith
    • Numfar dances in a field
      (14) Numfar
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Mayor Wilkins cleans a sword in Sunnydale High School's library
      (7) Mayor Wilkins
    • Nina tries to talk to Angel in his office
      (10) Nina Ash
  • Question of

    Choose One to Advance

    • Giles stands in the Sunnydale High School library
      (2) Giles
    • Ted says grace as he prepares to have dinner with Joyce and Buffy
      (15) Ted

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