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Twin Peaks Character Tournament: Round 2, Brackets A & B

Twin Peaks Return title screen

64 Twin Peaks characters. One tournament to decide your favorite. The kicker? No Agent Cooper, Laura or Audrey. We took out the odds on favorites to level the playing field. Who will be left standing at the end? It’s anyone’s guess.

After an incredibly difficult Round 1, we now begin an even more challenging Round 2. Look for Brackets C and D this week as well.

Make your opinions known both by voting and by sharing these polls on social media, using #TwinPeaksMonth so we can bring the community together for what should be a damn fine tournament.

(Round 2 voting will close Saturday February 15th at 8pm EST)

  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Michael Ontkean as Harry S. Truman in Twin Peaks
      Harry Truman
    • The Arm holds the Owl Cave ring
      The Arm
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Catherine Martell played by Piper Laurie in Twin Peaks
    • Carl Rodd looks up at the sky from his bench
      Carl Rodd
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • The Fireman looms in his classic black and white home.
      The Fireman
    • Denise stands next to Agent Cooper smiling
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Jerry Horne in the woods
      Jerry Horne
    • Leland Palmer turns from a mirror, Bob is reflected
      Leland Palmer
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Gordon Cole waves his hand over his face in code
      Gordon Cole
    • charlie twin peaks
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Shelly Johnson sits at the Roadhouse smiling
    • Norma Jennings at the Double R Diner
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Lucy Brennan Twin Peaks
    • woodsman talking into a radio mic with cigarette in mouth
  • Question of

    Pick One To Advance

    • Nadine carries a golden shovel as she walks up the street
    • Hawk raises his gun

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  1. What makes Shelly so interesting to me (opposed to Norma, whom we love also!) is how her purity of heart translated to clear communication with Gordon Cole. She was the only one he could hear with without his hearing aid, and that always peaked my interest.

  2. Shelley also leaves her family flat, crying in a booth while she makes out with her magician/drug dealer boyfriend. With her “pure heart.”

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