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Big Little Lies Quiz

Are you an alpha mom or will you be the outsider that nobody wants to know? Take our super hard Big Little Lies Quiz and see if you have what it takes to be accepted in the town of Monterey.

Good luck!!

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    What is the name of the school the children attend in Monterey?

    • Turtle Bay Elementary
    • Shark Bay Elementary
    • Otter Bay Elementary
    • Beaver Bay Elementary
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    What superpower does Perry tell Max and Josh he uses to scare the leeches away from the beach?

    • Farting
    • Burping
    • Snoring
    • Growling
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    What does Madeline say is worse than drinking and driving?

    • Smoking and driving
    • Driving while tired
    • Speeding
    • Texting and driving
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    What song does Chloe play to help Ziggy and Anabella make up so that he can go to her birthday party?

    • Charles Bradley, Changes
    • Leon Bridges, River
    • Alabama Shakes, This Feeling
    • Irma Thomas, Straight From the Heart
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    What event does Madeline buy people tickets for to stop them going to the birthday party?

    • Disney On Ice
    • Magic Springs Theme and Water Park
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Downtown Aquarium
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    When putting together her family tree which famous explorer does Chloe say her friend Joey is related to?

    • Marco Polo
    • Walter Raleigh
    • James Cook
    • Christopher Columbus
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    What date does the Audrey and Elvis Gala evening take place?

    • October 4th
    • October 14th
    • October 24th
    • October 31st
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    When opposing the production of Avenue Q which musical does Renata suggest to the mayor they perform instead?

    • The Sound of Music
    • Oklahoma
    • The Wizard of Oz
    • The King and I
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    Where does Bonnie say that she made the necklace that Madeline compliments?

    • Bolivia
    • Ecuador
    • Peru
    • Chile
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    What alias does Perry use when he meets Jane before he rapes her?

    • Saxon Baker
    • Saxon Brookes
    • Saxon Brown
    • Saxon Banks
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    What is the name of the schools 1st grade mascot?

    • Henry the Hippo
    • Harry the Hippo
    • Horace the Hippo
    • Hector the Hippo
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    Where is Abigail going to donate the money she raises from auctioning her virginity?

    • Equality Now
    • Womankind Worldwide
    • International Alliance of Women
    • Amnesty International
  • Question of

    Where does Perry ask Celeste to go with him on the opening night of the play?

    • Phoenix
    • Tucson
    • El Paso
    • Albuquerque
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    What is the name of the babysitter that looks after Max and Josh whilst Perry and Celeste are at the hospital following the incident with a tennis racket and his penis?

    • Kelly
    • Ellie
    • Karen
    • Emma
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    Who starts up the petition to have Ziggy expelled from school?

    • Samantha
    • Melissa
    • Jackie
    • Harper
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    Where in Monterey is the apartment that Celeste secretly buys when she plans to leave Perry?

    • North East
    • South East
    • South West
    • North West
  • Question of

    When Madeline throws up at the dinner with Bonnie what does she blame it on?

    • Shrimp
    • Prawns
    • Oyster
    • Sea bass
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    What cartoon is Ziggy watching when he fakes being ill to get off school?

    • Bugs Bunny
    • Road Runner
    • Daffy Duck
    • Foghorn Leghorn
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    Which Elvis song is playing when they all start to arrive at the Gala evening?

    • It’s Now or Never
    • Always on My Mind
    • Devil in Disguise
    • Return to Sender
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    Name the property manager who accidentally tells Perry about Celeste’s secret apartment.

    • Lorraine
    • Michelle
    • Stephanie
    • Tracy
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    What number is printed on Nathan’s Jail-House Rock outfit at the gala?

    • 4620
    • 6240
    • 2064
    • 0642
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    Which Audrey Hepburn movie is Madeline’s risque outfit from?

    • My Fair Lady
    • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    • Roman Holiday
    • Monte Carlo Baby
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    In the final fight who tries to push Perry away from Celeste first?

    • Renata
    • Jane
    • Bonnie
    • Madeline
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    What song is playing as they all sit on the beach in the finales final scene?

    • Charles Bradley, Victim of Love
    • Ituana, You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    • Agnes Obel, September Song
    • Alabama Shakes, This Feeling
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    Which character will Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep be playing in season 2?

    • Mary Jane Wright
    • Mary Elizabeth Wright
    • Mary Anne Wright
    • Mary Louise Wright

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