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25YL is always looking for passionate writers who share our obsessions to join the team. If you’re interested in applying to become a staff or guest writer for 25YL, please fill out the form below for our management team to review.

We value diversity and welcome applications from people from all sections of the community, irrespective of race, colour, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Please note that presently we are only taking on voluntary staff. Everyone who works at 25YL does it out of love, passion and obsession for TV, Film, Music, Gaming and pop culture. Even the people at the top!

Of course we hope this will change as the business grows and we are aiming high! What we have here at 25YL Media is priceless. We are a family, a community (not a cult!), spread across the world, all working together to make something unique. A place where we can write, make podcasts, YouTube videos about all the things we really love. As an independent company, we can be totally honest with our reviews and opinions.

Our reward is to hear positive feedback from readers and viewers—there is no greater feeling than knowing your words made someone smile, brought back memories or really made you think. It is for that reason that we rarely write your standard reviews you’ll see on other sites and in newspapers. We dive deep—really deep sometimes—into themes, threads, emotional impact, character analysis, theories and everything that the best TV, Film, Music and Gaming can make us feel.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, complete the application and we hope you’ll write for us soon.