Scissors Anyone? Peele, Nyong’o, and Moss Talk US At The Film’s SXSW Premiere

The film US premieres at 2019

Jordan Peele’s long-awaited follow up to the groundbreaking Get Out made its debut last night at South By Southwest. The audience was psyched and their dedication paid off with a thrilling and horrific tale that is sure to keep audiences thinking after the final credits roll. 25YL caught up with all of the red carpet action.

Scissors have become synonymous with the film’s promotional campaign. We wanted to know why a simple household item turned into the film’s standout symbol. Peele offered an answer as to why he transformed this seemingly mundane accessory.

Considering the audience’s reaction at the premiere, US is sure to be a fan favorite. The film’s star Lupita Nyong’o has some definite thoughts on what she wants viewers to take away from the film.

Actress Elisabeth Moss offers up her experiences with US and working with Peele.

You don’t have long to wait to see US; the film hits theaters on March 22. Keep up with 25YL for more coverage of this modern-day horror classic


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