I write and occasionally teach English classes. When I'm not doing either, I'm watching something awesome, reading something awesome, listening to something awesome, eating something awesome, or resting. Actually, not everything I do is awesome, but I'm okay with that. My loves include Lost, cinema from the '90s and aughts, U2, David Bowie, most of Star Wars, and - you know what? I love a lot of things. More things than I hate.

Stephen Lee Naish is a writer, independent researcher, and cultural critic. Originally from Leicester, UK, he now resides in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

He is the author of several books, the essay collection 'U.ESS.AY: Politics and Humanity in American Film (Zero Books, 2014), Create or Die: Essays on the Artistry of Dennis Hopper (Amsterdam University Press, 2016), Deconstructing Dirty Dancing (Zero Books, 2017), Riffs and Meaning (Headpress, 2018), and recently contributed to the music series Modern Music Masters.

His next book is titled Screen Captures: Film in the Age of Emergency (Newstar Books, 2021)

I am a yet to be successful writer of poems, short stories and children's stories. I am a primary school teacher who lives in the rural Irish countryside with my wife and three children.

Viktor Landon here, but you can call me Vik. In one way or another I’ve been involved in the music business for over 30 years. From managing record stores to promoting bands and everything in between. My tastes are eclectic, from Prog to Metal to Americana. Outside of music, I worship at the alters of David Lynch, Andy Kaufman, Evel Knievel, Garry Larson, Douglas Adams, and anyone who points out the absurdities in life. Finally my alter ego is the owner of Edge of Sanity Entertainment. We sell all things music and Twin Peaks at record shows and comic cons up and down the east coast. Stop by and say hi.