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Meet the 25YL team. Offering more than just reviews, 25YL writers go a little deeper, analyzing TV, Film, Music and Games that call to us. We keep the conversation alive about art and entertainment that deserves to be celebrated forever…or at least 25 years.

We have a team of well over 100 hundred writers who contribute to the website voluntarily. The folks listed here are our current Staff Team, who make up the hugely talented 25YL Media family—they keep our fleet sailing with their wonderful words and passion.

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Andrew GrevasCEO 25YL MediaEmail: andrew@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @AndrewGrevas
Matt ArmitageVP of Operations, 25YL MediaEmail: matt@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @mattarmitage
Caemeron CrainExecutive EditorEmail: caemeron@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @caemeroncc
Ali SciarabbaStyle Manager & EditorEmail: Ali@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @alimscribbles
J.C. HotchkissManaging Editor: New MediaEmail: jenn@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @JHotch726
Collin HendersonManaging Editor: GamingEmail: Collin@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @25ylgaming
John BernardyManaging Editor: Twin PeaksEmail: john@25yearslatersite.comTwitter: @jpb_littlegreen
Rebecca SaundersConsulting EditorEmail: killerbex@horrorobsessive.comTwitter: @Killer_Bex
Chris 'The Flack' FlackettConsulting EditorEmail: Chris_SportsObsessive@hotmail.comTwitter: @chrisflackett


Cat SmithTV EditorTwitter: @DeadlightsGirl
Natasha B.C. SmithTV EditorTwitter: @nsmith_writer
Hawk RipjawFilm EditorTwitter: @realHawkRipjaw
Hal KitchenFilm EditorTwitter: @HalKitchen1
Nick LucianoFilm EditorTwitter: @nickgluciano
Brian Krikorian Music EditorTwitter: @vittoriopazzini
G. Mitchel ProctorNew Media EditorTwitter: @fromtheredroom
Conor O'DonnellAudio EditorTwitter: @conorpodonnell
Robert ChipmanSocial Media Manager 25YLTwitter:@tailbest


Aaron PloofE-mail:
Abbie SearsTwitter: @abbiecinnamon
Alex Jimenez NimmoTwitter: @filmAlexJimenez
Amber WelshTwitter: @totesambular
Anna FlahertyTwitter: @anna_green__
Ashley HarrisTwitter: @ooooobarracuda
Audrie RoelfTwitter: @The_AudrieRoelf
Brien AllenTwitter: @catnapspirit
Bronson WestTwitter: @SlackerBronson
Bryan O’DonnellTwitter: @bodonnell14
Chad HindmanTwitter: @HorrorNovelties
Christian HartshornInstagram: christhemovieman2.0
Christopher BlackmoreTwitter: @cmblackmore14
Christopher HoltTwitter: @holtmeisterJC
Clay DockeryTwitter: @smartpenguin78
Cody ShaferTwitter: @notcodyshafer
Corey Callahan
D. Aaron SchweighardtTwitter: @schweigwrites
Derrick Gravener
Don ShanahanTwitter: @casablancadon
Emma GilbertTwitter: @EIKLEH
E.T. Otero
Hal KitchenTwitter: @HalKitchen1
Hannah SearsonTwitter: @hsearson93
Jason SheppardTwitter: @Jason_Sheppard_
JJ MazzucotelliTwitter: @jj_mazzucotelli
Johnny MalloyTwitter: @mistercecil
Josh LamiTwitter: @ShutUpJoshLami
Joyce PickerTwitter: @JoycePicker
Julia MasonTwitter: @JulesJuliaMason
Justin MazaleskiEmail:
Kacie LillejordTwitter: @KacieLillejord
Katie BienvenueTwitter: @kabienvenue
Lor GislasonTwitter: @lorelli_
Matthew MansellTwitter:@Donquixote100
Rachel StewartTwitter: @AllBackToFront
Neil GrayTwitter: @NeilOnWrestling
Sean CoughlanTwitter: @SCoughlan84
Sean Parker
Simon McDermottTwitter: @mountsiman
Tim RosenbergerTwitter: @cinemapackrat
Todd Giammo
Will JohnsonTwitter: @NostalgiaBath

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