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Andrew Grevas: Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Laura Stewart: Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Film & Gaming

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  • Twitter: @Mumma_Lula

Lindsay Stamhuis: Executive Editor: Style

Caemeron Crain: Executive Editor: TV

Paul Billington: Business Development Manager

Matt Armitage: Webmaster & Film Editor


J.C.Hotchkiss: Managing Editor: News

Valerie Thompson: Managing Editor: Horror

Ali Sciarabba Editor: TV

Bryan O’Donnell: Editor: TV

Ashley Harris: Editor: Film

Will Johnson: Editor: Film

Steven Wandling: Editor: Horror

Rob E. King:  Editor: Twin Peaks

John Bernardy: Assistant Editor


Martin Hearn: Social Media Manager

Anthony Divers: Social Media Manager

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  • Facebook: Anff St Anff
  • Reddit: u/AnffStAnff

Rikki Robinson: Social Media Manager


Eileen G. Mykkels: Columnist

Brien Allen: Columnist

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  • Reddit: u/catnapspirit

Justin Mazaleski: Columnist

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Twin Petes: Columnist

  • Twitter: @Twin_Petes
  • Instagram: Twin_Petes

Paul Casey: Staff Writer

Douglas Cunningham: Staff Writer

Gisela Fleischer: Staff Writer

Benjamin Locke: Staff Writer

Hannah Searson: Staff Writer

Rachel Stewart: Staff Writer

Holiday Godfrey: Staff Writer

Carol Seeds: Staff Writer

Alex Jimenez Nimmo: Staff Writer

  • Facebook: Alex Neamo
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Cheryl Lee Latter: Staff Writer 

Jason Sheppard: Staff Writer

Sean Mekinda: Staff Writer

Kevin Hoover: Staff Writer

Joyce Picker: Staff Writer

Mya McBriar: Staff Writer

Linda Novak: Staff Writer

David Titterington: Staff Writer

Christopher Holt: Staff Writer

Abbie Sears: Staff Writer

D. Aaron Schweighardt: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @schweigwrites
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Cat Smith: Staff Writer

Frankie Wallace: Staff Writer

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Brittany Babela: Staff Writer

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Tim Rosenberger: Staff Writer

Don Shanahan: Staff Writer

Rebecca Saunders: Staff Writer

Johnny Malloy: Staff Writer

Magda Mariamidze: Staff Writer

Conrad Smith: Staff Writer

Anna Flaherty: Staff Writer

Jon Sheasby: Staff Writer

Jacquie Allen: Staff Writer

Ellen Wilson: Staff Writer

Tom Cosens: Staff Writer

Joel Fantini: Staff Writer

R. Alan Siler: Staff Writer

Daniel Siuba: Staff Writer

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Joshua Lami: Staff Writer 

Simon Baré : Staff Writer

Stewart Gardiner: Staff Writer

S. C. Penny: Staff Writer

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Mat Cult: Staff Writer

  • Twitter: @MatGost
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Anton Binder: Staff Writer

Aaron Ploof: Staff Writer

Anthony Gauldurson: Staff Writer

Mitchell Herrin: Staff Writer

JB Minton: Contributing Writer

Twitter: @JoshuaMinton

Andy Hageman: Contributing Writer

Brad Dukes: Contributing Writer

Ivan Bukta: Contributing Writer

Aaron Cohen: Contributing Writer