Five Of The Best: Session Moth Martina

Welcome to the first-ever Five Of The Best. The concept behind this is a simple one. I pick a wrestler or a company that I’m fond of and go onto YouTube to pick Five Of The Best matches that you can go and watch – right now – for free. And to kick this all off, I’ve decided to go with one of my favorites. The one and only, Session Moth Martina.

For those of you who have never heard of Session Moth Martina before – perhaps you have been living on Mars in a cave – she is a 10 year veteran of the independent circuit who has – along with a lot of other wrestlers, sadly – just finished up a stint in ROH. She is also one of the most underrated professional wrestlers in the business.

She is a terrific worker and a fantastic performer, who has taken on a gimmick of a party girl and made it one of the best gimmicks around. She can go with the best of them and has such perfect comedic timing that I dare anyone to watch one of her matches and not come away feeling in a better mood than they did going in. There are thousands of us that are Session Moth Martina heads, and I’m hoping that if you’re not that this little old article will help convert you to her cause.

So let’s crack open a cold one and watch Five Of The Best Session Moth Martina matches you can find on YouTube.

Session Moth Martina vs. Su Yung

This is the video that put the idea for this series into my brain. While working on a follow-up to my 10 Best Mainstream Old School Hardcore/Deathmatch Icons Of All Time – because that’s not a mouthful – I came up with the plan to do a series on the best matches of this sub-genre you could watch for free. The first one that came up when I typed Hardcore Wrestling into YouTube was Session Moth Martina vs. Su Yung, and holy crap is it brutal.

It actually warns you to not bother with it if you’re squeamish, and for good cause, as these two don’t mess about. Within the opening two minutes of the fight – hell, it might be even less – Su Yung beams Martina in the head with a tray, cutting the Session Moth open. From there it just gets more violent. Neither woman leaves anything in the dressing room as they proceed to beat the living hell out of each other with whatever they can lay their hands on.  It is a fantastic work of bloody art and shows that no matter what, Session Moth Martina is willing to sacrifice her body and her beer to entertain us. It’s 30 minutes of pure hardcore action.

No, not that kind of harcore, pervert.

Session Moth Martina vs. Kasey

This match might clock in at under 10 minutes and have a dodgy finish that I’d usually hate, but it does see Session Moth Martina crowned ICW Woman’s Champion, so I’m fine with it. It’s also a really good fight and allows Martina to show off how accomplished she is in the ring.

Both she and Kasey lay into each other from the first bell to the last and there is nothing but top-quality wrestling on show from both ladies, including a Headstand Hurricanrana from the champion to the challenger that you have to see to believe. Neither competitor pulls their punches either, with forearms and shots so stiff that Stan Hansen would be proud, and it allows someone who is usually seen as only a comedy act to prove that she can Square-Go when needed.

Session Moth Martina vs. Lizzy Evo vs. Lana Austin

And talking of comedy as I was. Kinda. This match always has me in hysterics whenever I watch it.

Now *Spoiler Alert* Session Moth Martina doesn’t win this and is – in fact – the first of the three to be eliminated, but her work throughout the match is just so damn funny that if you don’t find yourself at least smiling at her antics then I’m sorry, you are dead inside and there is no hope for you.

Whether she’s yelling at Lana Austin how she thought they were friends after Austin accidentally smacks her in the head or giving a whole new twist to being thrown to the outside, this is comedy wrestling done to perfection. In fact, I’ve never seen any other performer thrown to the floor and then just sit at ringside, talking to the fans and drinking their beer, while applauding the action going on in the ring.

It’s this kind of thing that gives the purists kittens, and I love her even more for it.

Session Moth Martina vs. Jazzy Gabert

Jazzy Gabert scares the living hell out of me. She is a f*cking monster who looks as if she could rip your head off and crap down your neck just because she felt like it. This is the conundrum that Session Moth Martina finds herself facing in this match and she sells it perfectly.

The art of selling shouldn’t just be confined to how well you can make your opponent’s moves look like they hurt, but also how much emotion you go through during the bout, and in this one, Session Moth Martina looks like she’s come face to face with the Devil herself.

She makes you believe that she is completely terrified of Gabert, but still doesn’t back down and tried everything she can think of to pick up the win. She shows the kind of testicular fortitude that made Mick Foley such a star and even though she ends up eating the pin, you come away from this feeling as if The Session Moth isn’t afraid of anyone.

This is quite impressive because as I said, Jazzy Gabert scares the living hell out of me.

Session Moth Martina vs. Rory Coyle

Proving that she’s willing to take on all comers, Session Moth Martina takes on Rory Coyle in a match for the NORTH Wrestling World Championship, and poor Rory doesn’t know quite what to make of it.

This is the combination of everything that makes Session Moth Martina such a wonderful wrestler. It has all her comedy traits – the lapdance, the beer mist, the way she struggles to run the ropes, etc, etc – as well as allowing her to show that she can fight with the best you care to mention and take an inordinate amount of punishment.

I would’ve loved for her to pick up the win here – Session Moth Martina NORTH Wrestling World Champion has a nice ring to it – but even though she didn’t, I don’t doubt for one second that we’ll eventually see Session Moth Martina with a belt around her waist sooner rather than later.

Preferably in AEW.

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