A Quick, (mostly) Spoiler-Free Review of My Life, My Tapes

Special Agent Dale Cooper is such a likable and unique character with his boyish excitement, good heart, and suave style.  But have you ever wondered what he was like as a boy?  How did he decide that he wanted to be an FBI agent?  When did he try his first cup of coffee?  What was his family like?

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes by Scott Frost is written as a transcript of Coopers audiotapes from when he was 13 years old until the moment he first learned of Laura Palmer’s murder.  A coming of age story, it begins by delving into Coop’s upbringing during the turbulent times of the late 60’s and the Vietnam war.  After getting a tape recorder for Christmas, (a giant reel-to-reel that you must plug into a wall,) he begins recording his thoughts and adventures in his quiet suburban town.  You can hear Agent Cooper’s voice in your head as you read his description of his first case (tracking down a stolen bike,) and his thoughts on girls, school, and the forces of good and evil.

The book has a few plot holes and inconsistencies that are hard to ignore.  (Why would Cooper be talking into a tape recorder while sneakily spying on girls and criminals?  Who is responsible for the transcription of his tapes?)  There are also several editing errors, (that most likely only appear in the digital copy I read,) and sometimes the deliberate lack of pronouns can be mind-boggling.  It was written after the series but before Fire Walk with Me, so it doesn’t perfectly mesh with the Twin Peak cannon.  However, it is a quick and enjoyable read that any avid Twin Peaks fan should visit.

Want to read it for yourself?  You can purchase the out-of-print edition used or you can access the digital copy via this link:

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Written by Sophia Penny

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