Kidd Bandit: The Protagonist of Pro Wrestling

Summon Kidd Bandit & Their Antagonists!

For the last 11 months or so, Kidd Bandit, the protagonist of pro wrestling, has been making a name for themselves, popping up in promotions all over the place. Being trained at the Nightmare Factory has led to Kidd Bandit also being on AEW programming. I’ve been following their career for most of 2022 and have been amazed at the versatility that is at the heart of the anime protagonist of professional wrestling.

As Kidd Bandit has been traveling all over, there have been some matches that really stood out to me and show the many ways they are able to entertain all wrestling fans from all over. Here’s just one example.

Kidd Bandit vs. Yuya Uemura

Recently on Pandemonium Pro Wrestling, Kidd Bandit wrestled Yuya Uemura, and it was a 30-minute match that showcased how much I can appreciate technical/chain wrestling.

Yuya Uemura is a Japanese professional wrestler who was wrestling collegiately before he started doing so professionally. He is currently a Young Lion in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I’m quickly becoming a fan of Yuya.

When I first heard about this match at Pandemonium Pro Wrestling between Kidd Bandit and Yuya Uemura, I was really interested to see what both competitors would bring into the ring.

I had high expectations because both are amazing athletes, However, I was absolutely blown away at what they gave us. Both of them poured their hearts into this match.

They were tenacious and determined, showcasing both in-ring psychology and poise. Both wrestlers engaged in a lock-up right away with some good old fashion chain wrestling. There were moments where I wasn’t sure who would win this match or how the match would end.

I was stressed out, but in a good way, as both had me worried. Both had me hooked until the very end. There were moves, moments and spots that made the wrestling fan in me quite happy.

This match had everything you could want and even though it ended in a draw, I absolutely loved this match. If I was rating it, I would give it a 4.5/5. I hope they can have a rematch in the future. I hope the wrestling world is taking notice of both Kidd Bandit and of Yuya Uemura.

Collage of Kidd Bandit with Trans and non binary flag

Here is my short interview with Kidd Bandit the Protagonist of Pro Wrestling for PRIDE month:

Katrina: How has being trans/nonbinary been for you in wrestling with other workers and fans? 

Kidd Bandit: Being non-binary has been pretty wholesome. Everyone has been accepting and, a lot of people make a conscious effort to be respectful. To the ones I meet who aren’t familiar with it, they at least try.

Katrina: Did you find it hard to come out when you did publicly?

Kidd Bandit:  I came out publicly on Twitter while I was very high, so it wasn’t hard. It was very terrifying. However, when I sobered up and realized what I did, the reception has been ok for the most part.

Katrina: What has been your experience (of) doing both masculine Bandit and feminine Bandit? And with your various in-ring styles, how has the support from your fans been with regards to how you identify?

Kidd Bandit: When I wrestle as masc. or femme, I make an effort to differentiate mannerisms between both just like I do outside the ring, but I also do my best to ensure my wrestling style stays consistent to show that regardless of what I am identifying, I’m still staying true to my craft.

Katrina: Would you have wanted to come out sooner than you did? 

Kidd Bandit: I would’ve not wanted to have to come out at all. Just have it be a regular thing, but yes, I wish I came out sooner or rather knew what I was because, at a certain point, I was in denial and had reservations about people like me

Katrina: What has been your experience so far with hormone therapy? 

Kidd Bandit: My experience with HRT has been very short at the moment but, I did notice really rapid mood swings on certain days and increased fatigue. 

Katrina: How has the support from your fans been since you have openly talked about being trans/nonbinary?

Kidd Bandit: Most fans are incredibly supportive. It’s very eye-watering to see how everyone has accepted me and is rooting for me.

I’ll leave this article with a quote from Kidd Bandit.

I’m Kidd Bandit. The transgender air bender. The non-binary ninja. The protagonist of pro wrestling.”

-Kidd Bandit

Written by Katrina

Katrina, who is from New York goes by the name Katrina Storm in the wrestling world. Outside of being a mom, Katrina is a writer, podcaster, ring announcer, an interviewer, color commentator, and a backstage and media correspondent.

Katrina, who holds degrees in both legal studies and developmental psychology, changed careers and began ghostwriting blog posts, articles, stories, and other projects. She also writes articles about different topics in wrestling and horror for various websites.

In 2017, Katrina started the brand Bookish Brown Girls @bookishbrowngirls, which promotes the work of authors who are WOC. She also writes romance and young adult fiction under the name Kay Blake (@authorkayblake).

In 2020, Katrina created her YouTube channel “In Kat We Trust.” Her channel is dedicated to nerdy content, including anime, movies, and wrestling. She created a panel called Behind the Magic: WOC in Wrestling to highlight WOC in the wrestling industry. This panel has been featured at New York Comic Con, MCM Birmingham Comic Con, LA Comic Con, C2E2, and Florida’s SuperCon.

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