Last Week In Twin Peaks Podcasts, Week of June 25th to July 2nd

Most everyone noted the Lost Highway dread with Ray’s driving sequences. All but a few podcasts think the Girl’s identity is likely Sarah Palmer. Most noticed the pictures in Gordon Cole’s office have become foreshadowing rather than just mood pieces. And the explicitly labelled convenience store raised a ton of eyebrows. Most people think the show is implying Laura was created to balance out Bob’s arrival in our world. And almost everyone noted how the frog roach climbed through the window as Bob is wont to do.

On a big episode like this, and with so many different styles of commentary, I find it impossible to pick a show of the week so I just skipped that part. I’ll let you cherry pick from here and maybe find five or ten new favorite shows to listen to.

Also, The Secret History of Twin Peaks is majorly at play in this episode. Majorly. If you’re unfamiliar, I recommend you read my review.

Onto the podcasts:

Time For Cherry Pie and Coffe (a subheading of the Time For Cakes and Ales podcast) covered Part Eight and were left in the best state of confusion after they finished watching. They notice the Secret History connections immediately and give the story mostly to Frost this time around. The hosts loved watching Ray and DoppelCooper play each other the whole car ride, and discuss possibilities of what to expect from a Bob-less DoppelCooper. The rest is set up for the black lodge folks. The hosts connect Mother/Experiment to Crowley, note Bob’s specialness from the eggs around him, and note that the waters around the purple place seems more peaceful here than in Part Three. They make connections (Only one window on the whole building) to the New York building with the glass box, and they discuss all the permutations they can think of for what the gold egg could be/mean for Laura as an identity. They make connections about Phillip Gerard and Leland looking the same both in and out of lodges and think this is the same for Laura as well. Is she sucked straight from the lodge in Part Two immediately to this scene here with the Giant using her as an ingredient for the Golden Ball? In the 50’s portion of the flashback they note how the convenience store now has stairs, note the woodsmen’s tendencies to crush skulls as Red threatens and Mother/Experiment does, and they dissect the poem. They connect the Nez Perce tribe to the plutonium dumping and the reckoning that is implied to come, wonder if the woodsmen are irradiated, and notice that the frog locusts have five toes per foot. I love the consistently strong level of observations on this show, and they made it better by announcing this week’s team-up crossover with the Bickering Peaks team…

Bickering Peaks began coverage of Part Eight by noting Lynch still has the curiosity of a student filmmaker here. From expressionism to 50s Nostalgia, the hosts say Lynch creates a reality experience. They note the Woodsmen are between two worlds, distort time around their proximity, give a Macbeth witches vibe, and are either producing an egg sac with Bob inside or are removing him (possibly forcibly). The hosts wonder what will happen to Dougie now, how much Ray knows, and if Cole’s office pictures are always Blue Rose clues. They notice the purple room time stutter is back with the woodsmen (more distortion) and assume the Experiment is Mother, before discussing whether Laura is fated to die. The Boy and Girl match up to Sam and Tracy from New York. The hosts talk about the poem, and also how amazing the CGI is for the frog locust and compare to earlier show effects. Another great show here…and the hosts announced their crossover planned for this week with Time For Cherry Pie and Coffee. All the dead pies bumped into the hosts when they recorded together, that’s how hopeful I am for this wonderful match of Twin Peaks brains. Skip these episodes at your own peril.

Twin Peaks Peeks covered Part Eight along with guest Brendan James. Ashley owns up to completely missing Nine Inch Nails before now and the hosts go into how the mood is in the tradition of experimental films. They use the exact quote from Secret History that I do here for an explanation of alchemy especially in relation to the Golden Laura Egg. They make a case that the actors no longer with us (Frank Silva for a major one) make for limited creative options and is the reason why we have directions such as the Dark Bob Egg. They also say The Return is likely more of a hodgepodge than people think, and that the 50s segment is Twilight Zone plus the horror element of the Woodsmen. The hosts think the woodsmen are precursors to lodge spirits or lesser Bobs, and they suggest Bob might not even be of the lodges and Mike might be an evolved Frog Roach. They quote Robert Engels about a corn feud around Eisenhower’s inauguration that the stuttering convenience store scene may actually be referencing, and then discus whether they’re liking the direction the show seems to be going or not. They also bring up the Quinoa special feature Lynch included on Inland Empire that had a tangent about Lynch wanting to include insects etc. that seems particularly reminiscent of the Frog Roach. And at the very end they announce this week’s episode will be covering The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Subscribe to this show now so you don’t miss it…their coverage of Fire Walk With Me is one of the best out there and I expect their take on the Diary will be equally moving and important.

AfterBuzz’s Twin Peaks After Show covered Part Eight and began by noting how DoppelCooper uses his name with his crime friends. They think the woodsmen are reviving DoppelCooper. Lex saw Bob in the black ball, the other hosts saw something different (it’s Bob). They bring up Secret History and Jack Parsons, wonder if the monochromatic place is the white lodge, and debate where the radio listeners fall over dead or if they’re just primed as hosts. One host doesn’t see the magical good in Laura but the other three see she’s special, but is it because of the gold ball?

Twin Peaks Unwrapped began by bringing up the Cartman’s Dad controversy South Park did when they ran an April Fool’s joke instead of the revelation of the mystery, and sees a certain resonance that instead of a fully awake Cooper we get a flashback to 1945, but the comparison stops there as they bring on guest John Thorne to talk through Part Eight. They think the warden planned DoppelCooper’s double-cross with Ray, wonder if the woodsmen are working with Jeffries and he has possession of Bob now, and think the dot on DoppelCooper’s playing card is a picture of Experiment/Mother. They wonder if DoppelCooper has been looking for the glass box (thus his need for coordinates), and Thorne posits that Bob has been pulled directly from the Part’s first scenes through time to the next time we see him in 1945. They wonder if Dougie is like or made by the Giants, and debate whether this is the first cycle of Bob and Laura’s introduction to our world or if this is one of many. They refer to the golden egg as a golden circle, and talk about Crowley’s idea of the moonchild (two lodges fighting over one child who may be the antichrist) as well as Jack Parsons’ opening ritual for a summoning. They also bring up B-Movies, wonder if Cooper is an agent of the white lodge, and suggest the poem works as follows: the whites of the eye is fear, so the horse represents the fear surrounding the darkness.

I’ve only just discovered Peaked, a podcast where one Lynch fanboy and one Lynch skeptic covers the entirety of the Return, but for sanity purposes I’m going to start my coverage of their show with their coverage of Part Eight. Both hosts agree there’s a logic to all the craziness and it’s easy enough to follow. They termed the creature Frog Roach, note that the woodsmen definitely distort the time around them, and had this to say about the nuclear rift between our worlds: “mankind created a destructive force too powerful for them and damaged the universe in the process. In previous episodes they say editing and interspersing scenes differently would’ve really helped the flow of the show but they don’t think that’s needed here at all. They think there’s a political statement in this episode, and they expect to see more nuance as the Golden Laura Egg scenes develop. The most heated part of the episode was when one host was unphased by the Nine Inch Nails inclusion and the other host was infuriated that it crossed over not at all into plot.

Peaks TV covered Parts Seven and Eight in a single episode. The hosts say the verdict is out whether there’s more to the Jerry Horne scene, wonder if Cooper will wake up if he’s able to physically touch a badge, and assume Warren Frost’s health is the reason for the inclusion of Skype. The 4:30 meeting time with Deputy Andy is the first callback to 4 3 0, and they declare Original Cooper and Modern Day Diane quite the odd couple. They don’t mention the patron rearrangements at the Diner credits scene, and they credit Senorita Dido’s outfit to the 50s. They think the explosion is the introduction of evil into our world, thinks Laura being a chosen one cheapens her role, and isn’t sure about the golden ball being sent to our world (feels like Kal-El being sent to Earth from Krypton to a host), though they mention the double plague reference of the locust frogs. They end by making a case for the current Twin Peaks making all the Twin Peaks-inspired fare on TV (from Riverdale to Fargo) look like Two and a Half Men by comparison.

The hosts of We’re Not Going To Talk About Judy (a subheading of the Another Kind of Distance podcast) have no idea what’s in Secret History. They think it’s confirmed Jeffries wants DoppelCoop dead, and think DoppelCoop is easily tricked. The mushroom cloud looks like a growth, and they think Lynch uses music acts like a pre-modern variety show. Maybe the Giant’s alarm is from our world, and now “Laura is just Christ.” The hosts often lack serious nuance. They do however spend the last 45 minutes to talk about the Lynch The Art Life documentary as well as how the nuclear bomb goes into Lynch’s origin as well as that of the lodge denizens’ arrivals.

Damn Fine Podcast begins their coverage of Part Eight with a ton of WTF reactions with their guest Anthony Carboni. Ray calls Phillip so that proves(?) Jeffries is trying to kill off DoppelCooper and/or Bob. They think the Giant made the gold ball as a trap for Bob. Carboni thinks Bob is inside all the charcoal men and that the frog/roach is an agent of the Giant. They don’t think Lynch is building the same tension he thinks he’s building with his slow pace, and wonder why it can’t be mystical AND aliens? The hosts say nothing is bad with this episode but found parts annoying and that it’s missing the heart this week.

The Gifted & The Damned covered Part 8, noting they think Jeffries planned DoppelCooper’s death. They wonder if Laura was born from the giant or if she was inside him. Is THAT where Leland wants Cooper to find her? The hosts make 2001 starchild comparisons, wonder if the girl becomes the evil monster than abducts Carl and Margaret, and think romantic urges summoned the frog roach to the girl. One of their feedbackers think Laura is supposed to be the moonchild.

EW’s A Twin Peaks Podcast covered Part Eight as well as put out a special interview episode. The hosts think the woodsmen were there to extract Bob from DoppelCooper, and think the woodsmen are not representing the black OR white lodges. They discus how Lynch and Frost (and therefore Twin Peaks) is tied up in the nuclear age, and Lynch basically made his version of Godzilla. They wonder if the purple area represents the White Lodge, and if this is a creation story by reincarnations (is this happening again to Laura or is that her first time? The interview episode is a 30-minute episode with Robert Forster, who immediately upon listening I wish was part of my own family. He is a grounded presence who wants us to wait and judge the new Twin Peaks only after we’ve seen the whole thing. He said the only directions Lynch gave him for his character is “You came from a different part of the country where you were also a sheriff and you have no special awareness of the Laura Palmer case.” He said Sabrina Sutherland is the hero who kept tight hold on the scripts and the story securely under wraps. He also said you have to be a sheriff at home too when handling teenagers etc. His conversation over the phone where he tells Harry to “beat this thing” is one small gem in his career, and said Harry is the one who installed that screen in the desk. The forest up there is the real McCoy, and Frank will continue to be grounded and ask questions that deliver his particular color from Lynch’s paintbrush. Forster says as much, but even if he didn’t you’d know he regards Frank as at the top of his work.

Laura Palmer Is Dead covered Parts Five and Six in a single episode. The hosts think it was unnecessary to say Bob was still in Cooper (an opinion I believe the internet begs to differ with) and thinks Doris Cooper is a fail of a character. In terms of how Lynch presented material thus far, they think too much information at once makes you pay attention to EVERYTHING and, like Transcendental Meditation, Lynch was teaching us to be hyper-aware viewers. The hosts are done with Dougie and wonder if he’s a metaphor for PTSD. The pink girls are perfect misdirection. There’s no more 50’s nostalgia here (except what about in the music, hosts?), and Tammy Preston is being sexy for no good reason.

There Will Be Drinking Recaps Twin Peaks covered Part Eight differently this week: Murda had seen it once, and Cait was watching it for the first time during the recording. And it went better than expected. They noted how the inclusion of bands is a 90s TV trope, like Buffy scenes in the Bronze, so it might not just be Lynch doing variety television after all. For a minute Cait thought DoppelCooper stopped the wind with his phone, and both hosts thought the woodsmen healed DoppelCooper. They loved Dido’s 20s style outfit, thinks Laura is Dido and the Giant’s kid, see the uterus trumpet (see Diane’s entry) as a saxophone (which is what I think the real answer is), and the ladies were entertained by this episode quite a bit though only needed to see it the one time.

Formica Table Covered Part Seven and led with this quote: “I’ve just seen an episode of Twin Peaks finally.” The hosts think the emotional center of the show has finally arrived in Diane, as well as in the ragtag FBI family unit. The hosts think this episode had everything. They pondered which Coop Diane had her bad experiences with, think DoppelCooper planned to be arrested, and they were thrilled Dougie was finally an active participant/protagonist in his story. Now that all the characters are set, the hosts want to see them put in jeopardy and the plots could start moving any time.

I’m Worried About Coop covered Part Eight, and they begin by going on record that we have to SEE Jeffries as much as we’re hearing about him. They also think it was great hearing a full episode’s worth of music, are reminded of the glass box creature and think Bob was born in that nuke. They explain how they did couples meditation (that was a sort of art project) at Festival of Disruption that sounded fun, and in an excellent question they wonder if the Woodsman’s poem is Arthurian.

Fire Talk With Me covered Part Eight with guest Jake Folgenest and they all agree the new Twin Peaks is not a nostalgia thing. They reference radio stations that only read number sequences, are pro-NIN, loved the presence of score, and talk Leland, doppelgängers and Cooper. They noted the radio parallel to Dr. Amp, and also the boy and girl to Sam and Tracy in New York, and they wonder if the girl/parasite scene is a metaphor for radiation sickness. They find it hard to watch any other TV besides Twin Peaks and who can blame them?

Boob Tube Buddies covered Part Eight and the co-host almost called in sick for this one but she’s glad she didn’t because she’d recently watched Fire Walk With Me for the first time and understood so much more as a result. After DoppelCooper was torn apart by the woodsmen the hosts appreciated the intense Nine Inch Nails intermission, think the Girl is Sarah Palmer, and loved hearing the Penderecki used so well. They summed up Parsons and Hubbard trying to summon Babylon, gave some background on Marjorie Cameron who may or may not be the scarlet woman, and talked about a body in a metal casing dropped with the bomb in hopes of making a homunculus. They make the added connection that the frog roach could easily be a homunculus, and note the UFO phenomena took off with the radiation being dumped at the Hanford site near the Nez Perce’s reservation. Lots of good conspiracy theory background in this one.

Bookhouse Podcast began their Part Eight coverage by going over their latest failed predictions, then look into the woodsmen. The main host, Eric, drives me nuts because he makes minimal connections and shows no curiosity for what he doesn’t get right away. He doesn’t catch the reference of the other hosts that the woodsmen are the Dementors of Twin Peaks, and didn’t read it the same way (and is then dismissive) that both parts of the frog locust are biblical plague animals. The other guys could get on a roll with ideas, and connected the involvement of electricity and possibly Laura to the frog locust, I just wish their moderator could go there with them.

Lodgers covered Part Eight with their guest Olivier. They all fall into hyperbole as they were quite impressed by the episode. Lynch’s use of time as space worked here, including the Nine Inch Nails video. Ray still being alive was a good storytelling unexpected turn. They discuss Lynch in how he portrays class. As Kate noted about Fire Walk With Me, Laura Palmer is returned to the level of Cosmic tragedy. The plot was strong in this episode but the hosts don’t want us to discount the images besides the plot. They are powerful by themselves. They discus Lynch’s sense of honor and loyalty to the faces of the dead (Silva, Ferrer, Coulson, and so on). The hosts appreciate the level of remembrance and respect Lynch pays to these collaborators.

Sparkwood & 21 began their coverage of Part Eight by remembering there’s a Phillip Gerard as well as Jeffries in the cast of characters who may be in charge of Ray’s operation. They notice the way the woodsmen slow down time and wonder if they’re minions of Bob. The hosts discuss the lodge as if it can be used as a weapon (much like Windom Earle spoke of) and that Bob’s troupe is there to try to use it. They note Gordon Cole’s office pictures as foreshadowing, DoppelCooper’s Ace card possibly signaling a Grendal/Grendel’s Mom dynamic, and how the purple building looks like a Dune building. They note a lot of Dune similarities. They bring up the association between Athena from the head of Zeus and Laura from the head of the Giant, and wonder if the Giant also created Dougie as a safe place for Cooper to return to. They bring in lore from Hobgoblins to faries in relation to the woodsmen, and discuss whether Experiment’s rain of eggs/Bob is punishment of the Gods for our hubris or did we invite it in? And they mention Trinitium, a substance that didn’t exist until the bomb was detonated, and the theory that the owl ring could be made from that material. Good stuff as always from this show, and that was without their classic feedback segment. Next week’s show will be the hosts reading and reacting to the massive amount of feedback they received.

The Twin Peaks Podcast covered Part Eight with their guest,’s Pieter Dom. Matt finally summed up his feelings in that The Return is missing the characters and heart of the original Twin Peaks. He doesn’t hate the show, but he’s not far off from Diane when she says something is missing from DoppelCooper. The hosts saw the woodsmen’s time distortion as a trance, the roadhouse has become the pink room, and giving Evil an origin is pretty close to being mitichlorians. Pieter noted that the Festival of Disruption had a billboard message that reads “Infuse the Machine With Gold.” It feels to the hosts like explaining away the magic. Pieter thinks the Girl is the Linda we’re supposed to be on the lookout for. The bomb could be ultimate garmonbozia. Claire Laffar returns as a feedbacker and connects Zeus/Athena to Giant/Laura, and another feedbacker didn’t read Secret History and asked “Where is Mark Frost?”

Twin Peaks Rewatch began its coverage of Part Eight with another fantastic scene-by-scene recap, followed by the Madchen Amick tweet that promised a crazy episode but included a pic of Shelly and Norma, preparing them for exactly what they didn’t get. They connected the visuals of the mushroom cloud to the visuals of the Evolution of the Arm, found a moment in Secret History that blatantly references a scene in Part Eight, decided it’s a collision (rather than creation) of the universe, and references tesla coils to the alarm bell in the “white lodge.” They mention the monster movie genre the Part seems to lean into, and they promise a reader mail episode this week during the episode break.

Ghostwood covered Part Seven. The hosts found the Jerry scene funny but possibly related to alien abductions, and they wonder if DoppelCooper has the Fourth diary page. They think Major Briggs time travels, and as they debate over which Cooper was at that last night with Diane they think the “I remember” from DoppelCooper might have nothing to do with actually remembering and more to do with messing with Diane. They guess why Ike’s hand may have melted onto that gun, notice the Ramstein whistle, and wonder if “mother” is Josie. They take a few tangents per usual but nothing egregious, and their questions outweigh their loose research approach.

Fire Cast With Us covered Part Seven but started with a thought about Part Six: Maybe the yellow floating thing wasn’t the boy’s soul, maybe it was the mom’s garmonbozia floating into the power lines. The main host Gunner is LOOSE with his knowledge (thinks Ontkean is still a regularly working actor, and that Warren Frost is both still with us and a voice on the Secret History audiobook) and highly uninterested in having major details and character names straight , but otherwise all the hosts have enthusiasm for this show, they’re still liking what they’re seeing, and they’ll come up with some fun outside the box ideas. I just wish Gunner was easier to deal with as a listener and he didn’t discount things he doesn’t feel like thinking about.

Twin Peaks Log covered Parts Seven and Eight in two separate episodes and also released a Summary Recap episode in the middle. The hosts ponder Leland hiding the pages, and wonder is Garland Briggs was possessed or a doppelgänger. They wonder if some things are clues or are they misdirection, and they predict sometime soon bad things will be happening to Becky. Mike from Chinstroker vs Punter (and one of my all-time previous favorite podcast guests) came back to talk at once about Parts One through Seven. Becky started by saying how you can put as much or as little into Twin Peaks as you want , you get what you want out of it, it’s there to be had. They think there’s social commentary afoot as far as the making and production of The Return as well as the consuming of it, and that Lynch (in Parts One through Three) was separating the wheat from the chaff. Mike mentioned how things he thought would always be metaphorical are being made literal, and he likes it somehow. They note how no new characters are describable outside of what they do/have done, the new show isn’t into character exploration, and Red seemed new to having a body. They wrap up this episode by exploring how Frost, Peyton, Engels and Lynch viewed the supernatural, and how Lynch essentially made a soft retcon in the in season two finale that paved the way for today. In their Part Eight coverage, the hosts note how the woodsmen become more and more corporeal as they work on DoppelCooper and wonder if they released Bob from him. They wonder why this episode wasn’t earlier on, and found it riveting that DoppelCooper did not go Bob-level nuts on Ray. They wonder if Laura was created to confront Bob and think the woodsmen are from an even earlier time.

Wrapped In Podcast covered Parts Seven and Eight with a Unified Twin Peaks Theory thrown in between them. Terror vibes are usually justified but the hosts thought Jerry Horne was just high. They think Hawk’s explanation that Leland hid the diary pages might just make more sense that Mike. They also note that soap opera elements are less gone than people think, implying there may be a funeral for Harry that brings the town together and there may be a love child between DoppelCooper and Audrey. As of now they’re stuck wondering if DoppelCooper went after all the important women in Cooper’s life. On Billionaire theories, they wonder if Audrey got a payoff from John Justice Wheeler to keep her pregnancy quiet and thus a billionaire was born. They feel Robert Forester is old guard Twin Peaks rather than a new character, find Tammy Preston’s sex kitten schtick TIRING,  and call out the floor sweeping scene as a reference to a five-minute sweeping scene in an Annie Baker play The Flick. At the diner scene, wouldn’t it be interesting if the Billy being looked for is Bill Hastings? And the B-Side to the song Sleep Walk? It’s All Night Diner. In their episode labeled Part 7.5, host T. Kyle King comes up with 20 minutes of highly plausible stuff based on information currently available. There’s an angle involving Jerry Horne I quite like (finishing up some thoughts I was trying to complete), but as it’s storytelling I don’t want to summarize and ruin the fun. It’s an excellent thought experiment by King and I bet it’s over 25% correct at the end. The show’s coverage of Part Eight begins with the hosts admitting they underestimated DoppelCooper’s minions. They were surprised by amniotic Bob inside DoppelCooper, noted how nuclear annihilation is perfect for creatures that feed on pain and suffering, and think the bomb sequence was Lynch telling Kubrick and Malick THIS is what to do. They think Experiment/Mother is like an upside down Navigator in Dune, brought up how historically Dido was a spurned lover of Aneas of Rome who cursed salted fields etc upon his people, and brought up how Athena was born from the head of Zeus just like Laura was born from the head of the Giant. The hosts saw tree branch imagery in the mushroom cloud, brought up the Seti Wow message, summed up the moonchild/Parsons/Hubbard section from Secret History, and brought up everything from Maureen McCormick’s birthday to the Frog Totem lore in the Twin Peaks Access Guide. They credit Frost for parceling of plotting to make things surprisingly coherent and Lynch for the strong resonance, and they drop in one detail to derail the current favorite identity of the girl: Sarah Palmer would be ten years old in 1956.

Who Killed Laura Podcast covered Parts Seven and Eight in two separate podcasts. The hosts discuss how the diary page escape mechanic was probably discussed but was not yet explicitly designed for the old version of season three, and one host says “she also writes James is really cool.” They think the door’s open for Harry to return in Season 4 if there is one, that DoppelCooper probably is Richard Horne’s father, there’s a meta anger between Ferrer and the rain scene with Lynch under cover directing it, and think DoppelCooper either has precognition or is off in time as an explanation when he tells Diane “I knew it would be you.” They wonder what’s in the walls of the Great Northern, think Tom could’ve been Leo, if Beverly is running a con game, and they think Forster and Dern bring the emotion well. In their Part Eight coverage, they think (with the casting, bands etc) Lynch is going all out to get the proverbial band back together. They also discus whether there’s a direct connection to DoppelCooper’s situation with Bob’s removal by woodsmen and the atom bomb test at Project Trinity. They noticed the new ladder at the convenience store in 1956, and need more information to explain the duality of the horse.

How’s Annie covered Part Seven and think it’s the best so far. The hosts LOVE Frank Truman, he’s a Bookhouse Boy after all, and they REALLY want to hear Harry’s voice. They don’t want Bobby to be in on the drug trafficking but believe it’s a distinct possibility. They also wonder if there are a ton of DoppelCooper kids about. They’re glad of Annie’s mention but want to know what has and hasn’t been retconned with her, and they noticed CooperDougie’s Batman move vs Ike was so reminiscent of his saving Audrey it might be a reference.

Dark Mood Woods covered Part Eight. The hosts think DoppelCooper was killed and then resurrected, note how Lynch hasn’t gone this cosmic since Dune, bring up Sheryl Lee in the orb in Wild At Heart, and thinks the Giant could turn out to be God. They thought the music was making the show too Riverdale so were glad to hear Nine Inch Nails. They end by debating the pros and cons of imbuing Laura with Mythical powers and where it can go rather than where it has.

The Brad Dukes Show covered Part Eight with guests Spencer Collentes and Bob Hoag. They equated the woodsmen to worker ants swarming around DoppelCooper like their queen to revive him. The sound editing there made Ray sound like a monkey which made them think about the connection to Jeffries in the next scene. The Nine Inch Nails scene went well enough except they were wearing interior gloves. They connote the Giant’s new name from the names of soundtrack songs and I won’t type it here but if you listen you’ll hear it spoken. The Laura orb was discussed and the hosts wonder if she is sent in to fight Bob and the black lodge. Senorita Dido looks at the Laura orb with preciousness, optimism and hopefulness as if this has probably happened before (and due to the outcome makes the scene bittersweet). And if you look at Dido you can apparently see her arms are put on backwards. One of the hosts realized he’d forget about other scenes when watching the current scene because the rabbit holes Lynch takes us down are THAT engaging.

Diane covered Part Eight and felt that Lynch was 100% directing a Frost idea with this Part. The hosts think the bomb here is explicitly a black magic act, and they Marvel at how narratively easy it was to understand in its four distinct parts. The first scene is when the devil comes to collect, and the NIN scene adds texture and continues the energy. The atom bomb is a great magical work in world history; splitting an atom is a huge trauma of rearrangement. Usually in Twin Peaks the metaphor is personal but in this case it’s a physical representation of that. The hosts wonder if Briggs was shown this scene when he was abducted in the original series. They also note that the woodsmen are literally Men In Black. Bob and the Giant appear to be old enemies. The giant, if going up the Kabbalah, went up the side of Mercy when generating the golden orb. Bob (one of the hosts) spoke of aspects with both the white and black lodges, ending with this thought: “neither of these places is where you want to go to, the place you want to go to, well you’re already here.” The hosts declare the Giant’s shape of creation a Uterus Trumpet, and Rosie declares the creature near the end a bunnyfrog, which is a much more adorable image that I would have ever thought, and they all mention similarities in spirit to Ed Wood scariness. And about the woodsmen being dressed as miners, Bob says “If they are miners, they’re mining our world for gold”, and then says they’re digging into our heads to see if there’s any more gold in there. They discuss possibilities around Laura being a chosen one, and then mention the obvious point no one’s noticed yet: that the woodsman’s poem is about water where Mike’s poem is about fire. And they have an interesting choice for the Girl’s identity: the young Mrs. Tremond that didn’t live with her mother and had no children, the one who Donna met and was dressed like she was originally from a warmer locale, and would explain how she was primed for possession by a woman and her grandson.

Twin Peaks The Return covered Part Eight along with guest Claire Nina Norelli. They blatantly discuss the different versions of (got a) Light, the first human technology, and they also discuss the gradual inclusion of music as Cooper seems to wake. They name the woodsmen Dugpas and wonder if they’re reviving DoppelCooper in a ceremony or if they’re incubating Bob. They note DoppelCooper’s eyes are still black when he wakes again. The hosts discuss the use of visual choreography around the Penderecki song, and Haley says this was her line in the sand, where Lynch went ultra-Lynch and wanted the human connection along with the clear narrative we did get. The hosts think the time frames may be different but the story may be happening simultaneously. With the bomb, they discuss humanity allowed Bob in similarly to how Leland did. And they wonder if Laura is an archetype now, the good in the world or some such. It’s a radical thought that she can transcend all she went through to become good. The hosts think the woodsmen straddle reality, and that they may be minions or automatons. The hosts also note how death and grief is suddenly trivial in this new series rather than how Season One focused on one single death’s effects. Here, Lynch situates the evil and gives it a creation story. They guess at the identity of the girl: the anonymous billionaire, or Linda perhaps?


Not on the list but you released a podcast last week? Leave a comment here so I can add you into my listening schedule. The Twin Peaks community needs to know about you!

Written by John Bernardy

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