Favorite Callback: Ask the Podcasters

Prior to Part 7 airing, 25 Years Later reached out to several of our podcaster friends and asked them to participate in a 5-question survey. Some podcasts answered with their co-hosts and some separate. The podcasts that submitted survey answers are: Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast, There Will Be Drinking Podcast, Bickering Peaks, Deer Meadow Radio, Gifted & The Damned Podcast, Twin Peaks Podcast, Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast, Mr. Podcast, Sparkwood & 21, Wrapped in Podcast, I’m Worried About Coop, Jubel from Counter Esperanto and Time For Cakes & Ale. Remember, the voting only covers the first third of the season but we’re sure Part 8 will be well represented in our “Year End Awards”.


Andy (Twin Peaks Season 3 Podcast) : The reappearance of Laura in the Red Room.


Murda (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): It is also difficult to choose just one here, but I’d have to go with Shelly and Norma’s subtle nod to their past relationships with men. This occurs in Part 5 when Shelly’s daughter Becky had just left the diner after asking for money and discussing her boyfriend Steve’s job prospects. Norma then shows some concern to Shelly, and says “If you don’t help her now, it’s gonna get a lot harder to help her later.” And then Shelly turns to Norma and says “We both know that tune, don’t we?” It has been well documented on our podcast that most of my issues with the show surround its treatment of women, and this made my little feminist heart skip a beat.


Cait (There Will Be Drinking Podcast): I have to say James looking at Shelley across the Roadhouse and being explained that he’s weird because of a “motorcycle accident”, and not the childhood of murdered girlfriends.


Bickering Peaks: Aidan: Chocolate bunnies / Lindsay: Laura Palmer’s Theme playing when Bobby sees her photo. Damn but that got me good…


Deer Meadow Radio: The journey of Jerry Horne 


Bubba (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): Red’s reference to The King and I, a musical which featured the Leland & Ben classic: “Getting to Know You.”


Mork (Gifted & The Damned Podcast): Not sure if this is a call back – but if Hawk indeed found pages from Laura’s diary in the stall door… Also love Bobby weeping over Laura.  And always great to see Log Lady. 


Matt (Twin Peaks Podcast): Mentions of Phillip Jeffries


Scott (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  The chocolate bunnies were funny but Bobby seeing Laura’s picture and breaking down was a great emotional moment. 


Chris (Who Killed Laura Palmer Podcast):  I loved seeing Ben, Jerry and Jacoby again, but pulling in Carl Rodd seemed to fit more with the theme of evils both shocking and mundane wearing down good people.


Sparkwood & 21: Carl Rodd’s expression of cosmic dread -Em /  Chocolate Bunnies -Steve / The Owls -Paul


Claude (Mr. Podcast): Revisiting Dale and Laura in the Red Room 25 years later!


Justin (Mr. Podcast): Philip Jeffries


“Wrapped in Podcast” team (J.R. Parker, Ken Walczak, and T. Kyle King): The re-creation of the Red Room scene from Agent Cooper’s dream during season one in the season three premiere, which brought Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer back together 25 years later, as promised.


Becks & Eeson (TFCAA): The Giant/?????? providing Cooper with 3 new clues.


Jubel (Counter Esperanto): It’s gotta be the Golden Shovel reveal, and Jacoby’s rant.  It was great to see Nadine and spend just a little more time with Jerry.  Runner up would be the scene with Ben and Jerry from the first episode.  It kind of stuck out as unnecessary to the overall plot, but was a great moment of fan service, and a perfect scene for those characters.


I’m Worried About Coop: The Evolution of the Arm doing the “I sound like this” bit.


What was your favorite callback to the original series or film? Comment and let us know! Also please be sure to check out these podcasts and also John Bernardy’s weekly podcast review here on the site!

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