Deck the Lodge Winners Announced!


‘Tis the season for jolly frivolity, fun and games, and so much more. Here at 25 Years Later we’ve had a tremendous time the past few weeks as we geared up for the holidays. You’ve read our fun Christmas posts and joined in with the wishes for a joyful festive season. Today, it’s our immense pleasure to present the winners of the Deck the Lodge decorating competition!

We received a lot of fantastic entries. Our judges — Mary Reber (Alice Tremond), John Pirruccello (Deputy Chad Broxford), Nicole LaLiberte (Darya) and Stewart Strauss (The Woodsman) had their work cut out for them; we wish we could award them all. As it stands, at the end of the voting period, one winner in each of the three categories stood tall. We’re pleased to announce the following winners:

Twin Peaks-themed Holiday Tree: Twin Peaks Revolution (@TwinPeaksRevolu)

Twin Peaks Revolution Twitter

Twin Peaks-themed Traditional Holiday Decor: Antoinette (@AllAntoinette)

@AllAntoinette Twitter 2

Twin Peaks-themed Non-traditional Decor: Casey Johnson (@KSeaMasterPiece)

Casey Johnson Twitter @kseamasterpiece.jpg

Please take a moment to go through the slideshow below of incredible entries!

From all of us here at 25YL Site and on behalf of our panel of celebrity judges, we want to thank you all for participating and wish you Happy Holidays!


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