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How many times have you ever wanted to meet your favorite actors and actresses from your favorite show?  For many of us, twenty seven years ago, the only way we could was by attending a festival or attending a play or something else that they may be a part of.  Or good old fashioned stalking, but that gum never was in style, and who needs a restraining order to muddy up your flawless and innocent record.  You’re a fan, not a fanatic.  With the addition of social media, we can now interact with our favorites on a regular basis.  This week we decided to ask some of our Twin Peaks kindred and fellow Babes about the cast interactions they’ve had.  I hope you enjoy reading about these cast meetings as much as we’ve had hearing about them!


I met Kyle on September 22, 2017 at his wine tasting at K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood. The line to meet him was long, stretching out on the street, but Kyle took the time to speak with everyone, take photos and sign autographs. (The only charge was $5 for wine tasting, pictures and autographs were free.)

When it was my turn to meet Kyle, I was surprisingly calm, collected and well prepared with what I wanted to say. I told him how I saw Twin Peaks back when I was a kid growing up in Serbia and how deeply it has affected me and provided a lifelong creative inspiration. I expressed my admiration his performance(s) in The Return, and thanked him for coming back and for being so kind and interactive with fans on social media. I also shared my thoughts about the finale, and the feelings I had when I finished watching it: you can’t go home again; you can’t bring back the past, undo abuse, or save someone, despite your best wishes and most earnest efforts. I explained to him that the actual meaning of the ending was less important to me than the feelings it stirred, to which he enthusiastically answered “I think that is exactly what David wanted!” But I also told him I was left with the feeling that not all was lost, and that Laura’s scream was one of empowerment, not necessarily defeat (as I wrote about in my 25 Years Later article “The Scream of Empowerment”), which seemed to intrigue him. As I was leaving, I told him, “I do hope there is a season four. Not for any answers…” and then we said in unison, “But for more mysteries!” We both grinned, knowing we were on the same wavelength.


My impression of Kyle was that he was unfailingly kind, gracious, generous, and humble, without the ego, pretense, and fakery that often mar Hollywood celebrities. He took the time to listen to every fan, and respond thoughtfully, and without a rush. (Normally, at these kinds of events, you will have an assistant “gently” reminding you to hurry up because other people are waiting, but not in this case.) I am extremely grateful that I had the chance to meet Kyle and tell him how much his work has meant to me over the course of my entire life. These kinds of opportunities are rare, and I feel lucky to have had one. Kyle stands as an antidote to the pervasive Hollywood culture, and it is a thrill to learn that an artist you admire is also a human being worth the admiration.


For any die hard Peakie, nothing really compares to meeting a member of the cast and crew.  With the exception of seeing just how friendly and kind these folks are! Sometimes we forget that the cast are just as fanatical about the show as we are! When I went on a holiday in Paris last fall, I sent out a call on Twitter to see if I could grab a damn fine cup of joe and conversation with some of the many friends I have made in the Twin Peaks Community over the last year. Typically, I’m not one to just hang out with someone I had never really met, but there is something special about all of our collective passion for all things Peaks — it is the common thread that really does bring us together from all over the world. I made plans to meet Sofiane from the Lynchsplaining podcast in Montparnasse at the Crepérie from the Monica Bellucci dream.  I had a fantastic time talking Peaks and Lynch with Sofiane — and it was dreamy to be drinking coffee in the very spot we first heard those words, “But, who is the dreamer?” Not long after I replayed this scene in my head, I see Sabrina Sutherland walking towards us on the sidewalk. I was briefly tongue tied and in shock until I saw her about to enter side of the building next to the cafe and found my voice. “Sabrina!!” I yelped, and immediately felt embarrassed as she stopped and walked over to where we sat (but seriously…what were the odds?! I had to say something!) I managed not to scare her off and we chatted a bit and took photos. Sabrina was extremely nice and easy to talk to. She encouraged us to come to David Lynch’s Nudes book signing which was apparently taking place that week.

Amanda & Sabrina.jpg

She went on her way and we sat there over our coffee feeling extremely gracious and very excited about the book signing we definitely were not going to miss.  Sof mentioned that the doorway Sabrina had gone into and out of earlier was in fact the IDEM Lithography Studio and that we should ring the door to see if we could get a quick look. After hitting the buzzer, the large industrial sliding door unlocked and we stepped inside to be greeted by none other than the maestro himself. I couldn’t believe my good fortune — this was a dream come true and I was the dreamer. Again, with some embarrassment, I managed to find my voice and tell David Lynch how important and inspiring his art was to me. He seemed genuinely happy to meet us, which was truly wonderful. The most memorable part of the evening was when we asked for a photograph with him and he proceeded to position us in just the right spot so that we would have the best possible lighting.  It is incredible to me that no matter the circumstance, David is considering the way everything looks, even with a fan photograph!

Amanda & David


I met Kyle in the summer of 2017 at a wine tasting at USQ Wines & Spirits in Manhattan and again in the winter of 2017 at a wine tasting at Some Good Wine in Manhattan. The first time I met him I was really concerned about passing out and making a huge fool of myself in front of everyone. Surprisingly I wasn’t afraid I would pass out because I was about to meet the man who brought Dale Cooper to life, but because I had been dealing with a bout of vertigo for a few weeks that wouldn’t let up. I somehow managed to stay upright while waiting in line, but the vertigo along with some sips of wine while waiting made the experience quite dreamlike. From what I can recall, when my time came to meet him, I said, “Hello Mr. MacLachlan. I’m a huge fan of yours and of Twin Peaks…can you tell?” I was referring to the black and white chevron dress and red lipstick that I was wearing. He enthusiastically said, “Yes I can! Actually, that was the first thing I noticed when you walked up!” He signed the bottle of wine that I bought, and I told him how amazing the experience had been watching Twin Peaks 2017 so far; I believe up to about episode 9 or 10 had aired by then. We took a picture and then I asked him if he would mind signing my copy of TheSecret History of Twin Peaks. He gladly agreed, and while he was signing I told him how I had always wanted to tell him personally how great of a singing voice he has as demonstrated in Portlandia. He laughed and thanked me. He then explained how nervous he was doing that scene because he had to come up with the melody and the words, but that he thought it turned out ok. I assured him it turned out hilariously wonderful and that he sounded great. He thanked me again. He flashed that million-dollar smile, I said thank you for everything, I shook his hand, and said goodbye.

Bret & Kyle 1.jpg

What stood out to me most from my first experience meeting Kyle was how attentive he was during our brief interaction, how responsive he was to everything I said, and how genuinely happy he seemed that I appreciated his work. Now, this could be a testament to his acting skills, which as we know are grossly underrated, but I sensed a warmth and sincerity that even the best actor in the world would have a hard time faking.

The second time I met Kyle was in the winter of 2017, maybe a week or so after he received his Golden Globe nomination. This wine tasting was a bit more casual, there was no real line to wait in, and when I walked in, there were people standing around talking to each other but none directly to him at that moment. I walked over to where he was standing and said, “Hi Kyle, I met you once before at another wine tasting…” He responded, “I remember you.” I was so shocked that he remembered me from our maybe 5-minute-long encounter from over 5 months ago. I congratulated him on his Golden Globe nomination and asked him how it felt to be nominated all over again for his roles in Twin Peaks. He said he was very thankful and honored by the nomination, but that he wished the show itself had received more recognition. He saw that my wine glass was empty and asked if I would like more. I said yes, and he poured more of his tasty Syrah into my glass. We talked a bit more about the Globes and how when he won the first time around, they were not televised and how he had not written his speech yet. Another fan came up and joined the conversation. We talked about what future projects he has coming up including a film he had shot in Atlanta with Jack Black. He said he really enjoyed his time in Atlanta and that he would like to get his wine down there. Inevitably the conversation turned to the Twin Peaks 2017 finale and he explained how he’s not certain about the ending and is still working it all out. I asked what his wife thought about the series and he said she enjoyed what she had seen so far. We took a picture. I asked him to say something to the Bookhouse Babes on camera and he gladly agreed; he pointed out where in the store we could get the best lighting, and said it was nice of me to think of doing that for the Babes.

I asked him to sign the bottle of his wine that I purchased for a friend’s housewarming. He did, and without even asking him to he wrote, “Congratulations on your new home.”  As if I had not already taken up enough of the dear, sweet man’s time, I finally asked him to sign my “golden globe;” I was referring to my Twin Peaks Blu Ray box set with the golden Laura Palmer orb on the back. He chuckled and looked the box set over, remarked how cool the “limited deluxe” packaging was, and asked me where he should sign. I told him to feel free to sign wherever he wanted, “…give yourself a mustache or whatever you want, Kyle.” He signed his name on the special features golden disc, and wrote on the front cover of the box set: “We love Mr. C!” under Mr. C’s face and “We love Dougie!” under Dougie’s face. He was careful to let the writing dry before sliding the box back together. I shook his hand, said thank you so much for doing these events and for hanging out with us fans for a while, and wished him the best of luck at the Globes. I was on cloud 9 as I left. I almost couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to meet Kyle twice in one year! But I was even more impressed with the fact that that this man, a Hollywood actor, who had just been nominated for a prestigious award for the role of a lifetime, and who could have been anywhere else in the world doing anything else, was hosting a chill wine tasting and just hanging out with his fans for a few hours. He’s amazing.


Side note: Apparently, a little girl around 9 years old had her parents bring her to the wine tasting, not to partake (of course), but to meet her idol, Special Agent Dale Cooper. With her Funko POP! Cooper doll in hand, she met Kyle, talked with him for a while, took pictures, and was obviously over the moon. It was the most heartwarming thing to behold.

Our own 25LY writer Twin Petes had this to say about his interaction with the One Armed Man.

“There was a long line after the banquet to meet and greet with Al Strobel. Each person in line was told multiple times by Fest staff that Al is very tired, it was after 11 PM, and don’t ask him questions, pics and autographs ONLY. My wife and I get there, we were one of last few in line, and he starts asking us questions (i.e. what kind of photo do we want; thumbs up, Angry MIKE, etc. )?  He asked us our name, where we’re from and signed stuff asking what color marker we wanted him to use. “Are we enjoying the Fest? “, just great stuff.”

Petes with Al


The one that really sticks out was Amy Shiels.  I bumped into her in the ladies and she liked my makeup brush and we talked about that for a while.  Such a girly moment, but she was so sweet and beautiful.

Michael Horse asked my name for the autographs. Of all the actors there was, he was the one I was really star struck by. I told him my name (Laura) and he said, ‘Oh you’re the one!’ And I nearly cried!

Laura & Michael

I suppose the other interactions are Facebook/Twitter things. Cast members wishing (me) a happy birthday, lovely comments on photos especially of my son. Mary Reber, Tammie Baird, Jake Wardle, Christian Calloway, Stewart Strauss, James Grixoni and John Pirucello are the most interactive.  Sabrina really engages with everyone too. She’s amazing.

May we also add that f*cker Ray, George Griffith, Nicole LaLiberte, and Chrysta Bell are also excellent at engaging and being one of us fans right along with us.

I (J.C.) will hopefully have my own cast or should I say “Kyle” interaction this spring when I attend a Pursued By Bear wine tasting in NYC that had to be rescheduled.  You know when you’re busy being the FBI, making wine, drinking coffee, and being an overall great person, your schedule is going to get away from you.  Reading these cast meetings just makes me more excited and looking forward to a damn fine glass of wine and a toast to our Special Agent.

Until next week, “Maybe your coffee be hot and your dreams damn fine!” This is the Bookhouse Babes signing off.

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Written by J.C. Hotchkiss

J.C. Hotchkiss is a Office Manager by day and Managing Twin Peaks Editor for 25YL Site the other 16 hours of the day. When she isn’t writing of her love of FBI Agents with a penchant for doughnuts, coffee and pie, she enjoys getting lost in a good book, sipping a damn fine glass of wine among friends, chatting with her "TB's" about Cevans and Fleabag's Hot Priest, and trying to keep up with the latest cartoon craze via her 6 year old. She lives smack in the middle of the Big Apple and Beantown, so for a girl with many different interests and tastes it's the perfect place to be.


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    I’ve met quite a few of the Twin Peaks actors, and what they all have in common is their unpretentiousness and willingness to consider their fans a part of the extended Peaks “family.” I especially love the Woodsmen: talented journeyman actors who have become accidental icons.

  2. Oh I have a wonderful story to tell. I was recently in Atlanta. An amazing time spent doing a major role in a feature film. I received a message from someone who admired my performance and the entirety of the series Twin Peaks.

    Amanda Courtney Osborne invited me to meet her while I was in town. Thrilled, it understood I would be in an iconic tv series but had no idea that I would end up having someone like Amanda want to meet me just by being in it.

    The whole experience has been amazing.

    I remember the day I first got the call for Twin Peaks and it was amazing. Having done many years of character actor and work producing video and dance videos as a joy filled homeless man it was just an honor to be able to work for such a stellar artist as Lynch and meeting Amanda. She is an extension of the love and admiration and feeling from all of the fans of Twin Peaks.

    You are amazing.

    If I could meet each and everyone of you I would. This experience has been incredible.

    Sitting and talking with Amanda learning of her intelligence and the things she loves. Her kindness was touching and will forever be a day that I will hold very dear to my heart.

    So for all the love that I can give Amanda I give that to all of you fans it was wonderful to meet her and wonderful to have you all as friends.

    Christian Calloway

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