Bu Ku Dao or Die: An Interview with MLW’s Next Star

Sports Obsessive interviews MLW’s Bu Ku Dao

This week, Sports Obsessive caught up with MLW’s Bu Ku Dao. Bu Ku Dao is a nine-year veteran of the professional wrestling business who is currently signed to Court Bauer’s Major League Wrestling. Originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he now resides back in New Orleans, LA after recently being kicked out of his former mentor, TJP’s California dojo.

I was able to exchange some text messages with Bu Ku Sunday night. He addressed the situation with TJP, what drives him to keep going and what he has planned for the future, among other topics.

The Interview

Jon: We’re about a week half removed from your attack at the hands of TJP and your removal from his dojo. How are you holding up?

Bu Ku: Barely. But I’m doing my best. Won’t let this hold me down or back.

J: Can you give us any insight into what went on there? And how do you plan to bounce back?

B: No insight really. I’m still confused why he did that. Maybe it’s a lesson. I’ll bounce back like I always do.

J: I have no doubt that you will. So let’s get into your backstory a little bit. When did you first know that professional wrestling was your calling?

B: Around 13 years old. My cousins and I used to watch and wrestle each other growing up. They all grew out of it and I stuck with it.

J: In an interview with DAZN, you talked about how your parents did not want you to be a wrestler. Can you touch on that some more and what kind of impact it had on you to not have their blessing on pursuing your dreams?

B: It still impacts me to this day. They didn’t want me breaking traditional interests. I still struggle with that. That’s another reason why I won’t let what happened at the dojo set me back.

J: What drives you the most? Not only in wrestling, but in life.

B: Happiness. Not only mine, but those that choose to be around me and share my happiness too.

J: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

B: I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan and Whitey Peyton sings my entrance song!

J: That is interesting! What is it that made MLW the place for you? Is there anybody that you have your eye on that you really want to wrestle?

B: One reason was because of TJP. After what happened, I still want my chance to find out why after he embarrassed me on National Television on MLW FUSION. My eye is on him to wrestle next.

J: Once that score is settled, what can we expect in the future for Bu Ku Dao? Could you see yourself making a run at the MLW middleweight title?

B: Absolutely. I can’t look past my former mentor, TJP. After I get through him, I’ll go after the middle, open, heavyweight and probably back to MLW tag team gold.

J: Very smart to have big goals but keep your eye on the task at hand. Looking back over your career, who has been your favourite person to compete against in the ring?

B: That’s a hard one. But, I’d have to say my favourite person would have to be Luke Hawx.

J: What makes you different? What will lead you to the top of MLW?

B: My size makes me different and that is what people aren’t prepared for. That’s what will take me to the top of MLW, because you can’t train for what you don’t understand.

J: Outside of wrestling, what other things do you like to spend your time doing?

B: I really enjoy reading and writing now. I used to draw a lot. Will start drawing more too.

J: Before we wrap up, do you have any messages that you want to get out to your fans or critics? Or anything that you want to say to TJP or MLW as a whole?

B: Love to my fans and critics, Apologies to TJP and BU KU DAO OR DIE to MLW!!

J: Alright my man. That’s all I’ve got for you. I appreciate you taking this time with me.

B: No problem at all. Really appreciate your time and glad we did this. Thank you

Final Thoughts:

Once again, I want to thank Bu Ku Dao and Major League Wrestling for giving me the time to do this interview. I wish him nothing but success and happiness going forward. You can follow Bu Ku Dao on Twitter by following @BuKuDaoOrDie. You can also catch him Wednesday nights at 7PM EST on MLW Fusion on MLW’s YouTube channel.

What did you think of the interview? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter by following @ShartzerJon and @SportsObsessive!

Written by Jon Shartzer

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