Last Week in Twin Peaks Podcasts, Week of July 9th to July 15th

I can tell a ton of plot was in Part Nine because I made twice as many notes as normal. By far the most frequent thing I wrote was Constance + Albert ❤️ (which I totally endorse), and the next near-unanimous thought was that all the people Bill Hastings spoke of were the Woodsmen. received a lot of coverage and love, and pretty much everyone believes now that Dougie has a manufacture date in 1997.

Onto the podcasts:

Bickering Peaks covered Part Nine, beginning with the reference to Season One’s finale where Our Cooper was shot with DoppelCooper’s bullet wound. The hosts don’t know if Bob is inside DoppelCooper or not, but they sure caught the Deer Meadow Shuffle music associated with Ike this Part. They’re happily surprised for Bobby’s prominence as well as his father’s. They think multiple timelines may be merging together, and also wonder if Diane knew DoppelCooper’s text came from him, if she understood it, and if she’s in cahoots with him. The hum in the Great Northern is not unlike a Tibetan singing bowl, and is a half tone off (D sharp) from the Briggs message device (D). The hosts went through a lot of excellent details this episode, explored them thiroughly, and are less concerned with figuring it all out as they are with enjoying the ride.

Time For Cherry Pie and Coffee (a subheading of the Time For Cakes and Ales podcast) covered Part Nine. They mention how a couple Parts ago Col. Davis calls someone and in this part Gorden picks up the other end of that phone, and also that just because DoppelCooper is Mr. Todd’s boss this doesn’t make him the billionaire. They hope Hutch gets thumped by Bushnell, and connects the red Shoes to Lil as well as Audrey. In the Return, when significant characters appear they’re allowed to savor and breathe, and Betty Briggs is a perfect example. Diane working for DoppelCooper seems like a giant red herring, and all the Briggs mystery stuff seems to embrace the heritage of puzzle boxes in Twin Peaks. Did Briggs include Bobby’s childhood moments so that Bobby’s love will open the door to the WHITE lodge? The hosts think the whole point of the smoking scene is the awkwardness. Gordon, involving Diane in the Hastings interrogation, either wants her involved or wants to see how she’d react to things. The Great Northern will possibly be a centerpiece for event later on, and Au Revoir Simone is wearing the same clothes as their last song…when does this event take place and what is happening to time? The hosts look into the zone website’s links and talk a bit about the fifth dimension of vibration frequencies that may explain deja vu through the existence of multiple universes. Were all the men on Tammy’s sheet of paper the Major, just in different realities? Is that website a creation of March Frost, and is it full of red herrings? This show was full of excellent questions.

Chopping Wood Inside covered Part Nine in two episodes and also released a Part Ten preview episode. In their first attempt at Part Nine, the hosts saw DoppelCooper walking like Frank Silva would in the opening scene, noting how his plan seems barely off its timetable but otherwise unchanged. They wonder if the farmers were “this is the watered” into a nap rather than dead. They don’t think Diane is in cahoots with DoppelCooper. They love that Bobby mischievously doesn’t let on right away that he can open the Major’s message pod. They note the two Coopers and skipped Dougie’s 1/2 Cooper. They think the two girls are Sparkleheads. In their second Part Nine coverage, the hosts looked into the highly-Mark Frost zone website, expressed suspicions towards Albert, assume Ruth and Bill Hastings are pawns, and bring up if Briggs is as clairvoyant as this episode makes him out to be, he would know to swallow Dougie’s ring to purposely connect Buckhorn to Vegas. They think the hum is affecting Ben Horne rather than him turning over a new leaf regarding Beverly. They think (as do I) Hastings wrote and even said 9/29 for his date. Jackrabbits Palace may be a genuinely dreamlike imaginary place, ascended masters (who happen to reside under mountains) are brought up as the hosts think Briggs now is one. They also wonder if, since Lynch’s own father was a military man, Garland is a vessel for Lynch’s own father. Also, Cheetos = garmonbozia, Diane might’ve recognized something with Girl from Ipanema line, and Dougie had NO idea about the lodges. Wish I had time to listen to their Part Ten Preview episode but I’ll plug that into next week’s column.

Twin Peaks Peeks covered The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer as well as Part Nine in separate podcasts this week. In the Diary episode, the hosts think Laura should’ve been friends with Harriet Hayward, bristled at the attempt to humanize Jacques and Leo, and thought the scene with Bobby dropping I love you was so sweet. The scene where 13 year-old Laura met the Log Lady was a single day of positivity, but otherwise it was no story but that of Laura’s decline. It’s a character study, and seen as nonessential by the hosts because its biggest mission is accomplished in Fire Walk With Me. Per usual, their Part Nine coverage began with a nice blending of audio from both OG Twin Peaks and The Return, GOOD WORK that always hits me in the feels. They credit serious Frost storyboard work for the capital-P plot this week, note how being shot doesn’t stop DoppelCooper’s plan at all, see the Briggs stuff drawing closer to the Dougie stuff, and think Janey-E’s pink would be the look of the week if not for Diane. The Bobby stuff almost has too much of a bow on it (he’s NOT a dirty cop), and they hope Jerry’s woods stuff means nothing larger. They debate if Johnny is dead or will now have different cognitive thinking in the grand tradition of Nadine etc. They think we’re overthinking Andy and Lucy, that the girls signify a drugs story that will assert itself soon, and that the coordinates could lead to Glastonbury Grove. Tammy losing composure in the smoking scene was GREAT, and the Bill Hastings scene that moves through multiple emotional states felt the most Twin Peaks to our hosts. They loved the ARG website and hope it only adds color for the show because it shouldn’t be so important to be crucial.

Dark Mood Woods covered Part Nine and the hosts always feel like literally anything can happen in an episode of Twin Peaks. Tammy Preston did better this episode because she had something to do though she continued with the runway model stuff. The hosts note how we’ve seen Jerry in the forest a number of times yet Sarah Palmer only once. There’s still a childishness to Bobby, especially throwing the device like a football. In terms of comedy and other sides of Lynch on display in Part Nine, they discuss On The Air and Hotel Room.

Afterbuzz’s Twin Peaks After Show covered Part Nine. They noticed the half a Coop for Dougie, and think Time is being played with (dates still aren’t quite lining up). the Return feels like a gift thanks to Miguel Ferar etc., and the DoppelCooper car crash may match up with Dougie’s car accident. One host thinks Jerry Horne may be stuck in time out in the woods, and she also thinks Tammy Preston is a vessel. Major Briggs seems to have hidden in a place we’ve never seen. And the Betty Briggs scene got everyone emotional.

Logs, Coffee, & Bob covered Part Nine with guest Adam Grosswirth. They think 10 minutes of this hour seemed to move plot but otherwise nothing recent was paid off. Neither host has time to do homework for TV anymore but their previous show knowledge is still paying off for them. They assume the stuff in The Return will pan out, that back engineering is happening, and that a payoff will happen. They enjoy the Goonies level treasure map from the message pod, and know when you hear music now, it must mean something. The hosts will drop a show on a dime but are enjoying the confusion despite itself sometimes.

The Twin Peaks Podcast covered Part Nine with guest Josh Eisenstadt. They note how Gordon is not completely honest about his hearing problems, that Beulah’s farm is DoppelCooper’s DoppelFBI network. The hosts say Betty Briggs’ scene is the first time this season an actor’s allowed to be an emotional human being. The hosts suspect Jerry and the two girls are all on Sparkle. They suggest Briggs (while hibernating) was in the purple place along with Naido, and they note Hastings’ secretary blew up off camera in her car. Overall they’re still defensively explaining how they’re allowed to have less-than-steller opinions on The Return. And they still liked it well enough this time around, you could tell even between all the fantastic Josh stories and anecdotes.

Lodgers did a feedback roundup from last week with guests Adrian and Jonathan, newbies who’ve only recently started watching the show. The hosts gave a nice shout-out to the column (glad to have you as a reader!), note how Frost and Lynch have a high estimation of their viewers, putting their strategy into words (not answering the questions you did ask but answering the questions you didn’t ask), and that Lynch loves to create things in such a way you don’t know exactly where you are. They discuss the gendering of Mother/Experiment, how Dale Cooper doesn’t fit into the postmodern hero landscape, and how as the Return goes on women are given more emotional space, which is a sign Lynch is dealing with his representation issues smartly and actively. The hosts recommend other writers on Lynch, mentions how the 90s convention of having bands play during episodes began with 90210, and talks about the Return possibly being an end of an era in that middle class filmmakers are losing their place for experimenting.

Peaked (the podcast with one Lynch Fanboy and one Lynch Skeptic as hosts) began Part Nine looking at their previous predictions, and celebrating actual emotional character work within this Part. They note how Cole tells Tammy to “take this down” using normal voice, and how in Part Eight Ray shoots Cooper Once, and his second shot is exactly the same duplicate footage. The scene between Bushnell and the Fuscos ends but it keeps going- why?? The episode was full of details we knew or highly suspected already, and Andy and Lucy are barely characters here. The hosts found the Jerry comedy sketch amazing, only two Coops were mentioned on the Briggs message, and the smoking scene works despite itself. The blonde girl is going to hatch some kind of demon, they think, and “as you know” dialogue is not needed thought a clearer summary of previous events is desired by the busy people who don’t think TV is homework and might just happen to have forgotten about Phyllis Hastings altogether this many weeks after she was…killed by DoppelCooper!? Who’s supposed to remember all this? (explains the host). Despite all that, both hosts are still enjoying themselves and expect a GRAND payoff before it’s all over. A theory of theirs is Part 3 is when Cooper left the Purple Room and 15, the initial plug number, is for Part 15, when Cooper returns to himself. They also think Johnny Horne may arrive at a spiritual plane, want the sheriffs to enter the Red Room, and want MORE WOODS.

Gifted and the Damned covered Part Nine as they always do going through their reviews. After that, Mork (you get used to the radio names) says he wants things to be tightened up. The hosts figure Albert is playing the Harry Truman roll in his part, and the posse is growing now that Knox is included in the group. They think Bill Hastings is a chump but he cracked the code. Is he possessed, and did he kill Ruth? They still assume DoppelCooper created Dougie and that the girls are on Sparkle. They hope the hit and run boy gets retribution soon, and want the characters to do more rather than just be.

Damn Fine Podcast covered Part Nine with guest Nicole Spagnuolo. The Return could be summed up by this: “Everything’s a code, what does _____ mean?” The music’s obviously returning now, and the hosts think there’s almost too much direct information now. And this was a BIG Briggs episode. The Dougie storyline has gone on so long now. The hosts think the Lucy and Andy scene is included to show the mundane still happens in this world, and they saw so much Don Davis in the Betty scene that completely proves trust in the auteur. The actual coordinates on the zone website show a location in South Dakota, and the hosts are excited this was a real website. They feel they’re at the top of a roller coaster, that we’re actually going somewhere.

EW’s A Twin Peaks Podcast began their coverage of Part Nine by noting all the Lincoln imagery in the Return so far from pennies to the lead Woodsman, even including DoppelCooper’s car (a Lincoln). It’s a terrestrial-based episode though the cosmic and mystery is present in some of the answers. The hosts are filled with love for Buckhorn, noted the Cheetos, wonder if that intense DoppelCoop/Diane scene some time ago was a coded performance, and decide that Bill Hastings is a classic Twin Peaks seeker character. The hosts wonder if Briggs is hidden away in a glass box, remember the open ended Hank and Harvey from Part One, and wonder (since they’re both from ’97) if Dougie was born on Lost Highway. The Betty scene could be Dune, everyone converging upon Arrakis, a fulfillment of a prophecy, and also this is a happy ending for the Briggs family. They ask if Jerry looks like a woodsman, and maybe the hum is appealing to Ben Horne’s good side.

Diane began its coverage of Part Nine by noting how the show has come back to Earth, though the slow pacing could bother people. This was a quintessential mid-season TV-episode, plotty with slow convergence. The hosts think “domestic” implies mystery and menace, and about Cole’s choice of volume they say he’s a spymaster who refuses to keep secrets. Bill and Ruth had a blog rather than work and magicks. They think Tammy actually brought what was needed to her scenes, and note how Dougie IS in the witness protection program: the White Lodge’s program. No other podcast mentioned this fine detail: Lucy and Andy’s chair color schemes mirror their Dick Tremayne-hosted fashion show outfits. They loved all the Bobby and Betty scenes this episode, and feel we’re getting closer to the mountains and woods. Either Johnny Horne gets a head injury (in a long line of characters with head injuries in Twin Peaks) or there’s a funeral that brings everyone together. And the two girls may or may not matter, but a drug focus is coming and it might be from the lodge to harvest garmonbozia.

Twin Peaks Rewatch pegged Part Nine as the least supernatural Part of the Return. They think the Fuscos represent the good side of Season Two well, think Lucy’s two monitors make her seem rather technology-embracing, find the Major’s legacy so impressive, and are appreciating OG Bobby so much more these days–he’s always been emotional. They only saw two Coopers on the Major’s note, and they note how livid fans must be after seeing every Horne we remember as well as Audrey’s shoes bet still no Audrey.

I’m Worried About Coop began their coverage of Part Nine with a fun plug for the site and column (glad you’re readers!) and figured out the comedy in this Part are a series of dad jokes. The hosts think Betty was better in this Part than she was in any of her previous appearances, and was thinking the dossier was going to be the offered thing. They’re convinced Bobby is the key to the Twin Peaks Briggs mystery, noticed the 1/2 Cooper for Dougie, don’t know what to make of Diane getting DoppelCooper’s text, and noted that every location has been revisited EXCEPT New York and that’s got to mean something big for it when it shows up again. Briggs hibernating explains his age. They think Sky Fererra’s makeup job is amazing, and think the zebra/penguin lines are simply just code for drugs. They assume the scratching is a tell for a frog/locust. And they’re onto Lynch that he keeps messing with the ending formulas to keep us off balance and guessing.

Fish In The Percolator covered Part Eight, and the hosts begin by saying any fears and reservations they had are all GONE. They love DoppelCooper’s magic technology, the ominous zoom in on a bomb, and connect the apartment over the convenience store with Beulah’s place. The hosts did not think this was Bob’s birth, and that egg with the Frog Locust went like this: Scott said it’s Laura and Matt said it’s Bob (and also another vote for frog bunny). They think the woodsmen are pure evil while Bob is pure chaos, and that the lodge denizens don’t like the egg creatures. They put votes in that Girl is Sarah Palmer AND Boy is Leland.

Mr. Podcast covered Part Eight and began by noting how with all the other lodgeside locations the Black Lodge is less important than we thought. They found it inconclusive if Bob left DoppelCooper’s body, hope that the woodsmen have their own agenda rather than being helpers to Bob or Mother/Experiment, and compare the NIN scene with the Matrix 2 dancing scene where everyone lost their inhibitions. This Part literally made Godon’s “painting move.” Mother/Experiment’s hands are literally backwards, the woodsmen were possibly here before 1945 and only came running when they felt the bomb, and only Dido and the Giant appear to be directly reacting to events. They discuss if the Golden Laura Egg is Laura or if her picture is only used as a representation of a symbol, and how the story is potentially changed with the ramifications. The hosts thing the frog locust is probably Bob, and they worry that now we have to worry about what the horse wants. Are the woodsmen the REAL evil incarnate? If Dido’s house isn’t the white lodge we will probably never see it. They’re thinking Girl is likely Sarah Palmer, and mention how Sarah has the ability for remote viewing (as displayed in the season two finale in the diner).

We’re Not Going to Talk About Judy (a subheading of the Another Kind of Distance podcast) covered Part Nine. They note how subtitles on Jerry’s foot help to defamiliarize, and then they talk about Lynch and Comedy with On The Air. They discuss how Dougie represents heart, innocence and spirit like a baby character. With Diane smoking in the morgue, the “good” characters can disobey rules as well. They miss the 1/2 Cooper for Dougie on the Briggs message. Elise goes on about “trashier” teenagers these days in relation to the two girls at the roadhouse, proving again why I just don’t care for her hosting style. They end by discussing whether there’s a locust to be seen in the corn picture in Gordon’s office.

Who Killed Laura Podcast noted all of the normal life moments when they covered Part Nine. The hosts wonder if DoppelCooper didn’t receive a kill shot or if he’s supernaturally impervious. They guess Dougie/Janey-E is the double header, note everyone else besides Dougie is doing all the work, and marvel how this STILL wasn’t enough to snap Cooper out from under Dougie. WHAT will do it? The Briggs scene is enough for the hosts to trust Bobby, and they think Diane is now working for DoppelCooper. They think Jerry might in fact enter the serious side of the plot with his comedy. They think the coordinates DoppelCooper wants is for the glass box, and they wonder (following my own instincts, and is the only podcast to do so) if the Giant is the evolution of Garland Briggs. They wonder if the Sky Fererra character’s rash is from abuse but settle on designer drugs, and they look at all the pieces and think they’re all ready to come together.

There Will Be Drinking Recaps Twin Peaks covered Part Nine with guest Dan Feder and minus regular host Cait. Dan adapted well and almost immediately referred to DoppelCooper as Poopy Coopy. They think Bubble Bob is not inside DoppelCoop anymore, refer to Gold Laura Globe as a Dragon Ball, note how business in Twin Peaks appears to be booming, and note that Tammy isn’t great yet but at least she’s not dismissive of the supernatural. They do not connect the red shoes to Audrey, split on whether they think Janey-E is real, and note how Buckhorn is only in the plot because of the coordinates. Otherwise, Twin Peaks is where the endgame is. They still want to know if Red is a DoppelCooper, who owns the New York high rise, what’s up with the woodsmen, and what IS a blue rose case?

Twin Peaks Unwrapped covered Part Nine and interviewed Lisa Coronado, the mom in the hit-and-run scene. For Part Nine, the hosts note how Lucy shops online JUST FINE, Johnny Horne is dressed in Cooper style blue pajamas, and that DoppelCooper’s text seems to refer to the FWWM convenience store scene. If Diane’s a traitor it’s because DoppelCoop’s convinced her the FBI is evil, or that she’s working for Jeffries. They connect cheese snacks and corn, how Chad is always getting away with something, and wonder if (as the Cooper/Cooper/Cooper message is the same) Briggs delivered his own message to Season Two Him. They wonder if Jerry is part of the higher level story, if Ike and Mr. Todd are the double header (that’s my picks), if Dougie is still trapped inside some kind of mental prison within DoppelCooper’s mind, and if the two girls are on sparkle. Are the coordinates DoppelCooper wants in Jackrabbits or in South Dakota? The hosts note a distinction of head body and soul, as well as an abundance of 3’s. Lisa Coronado was interviewed for the final portion of the episode and she talks about her blind audition process, he life, her time on Twitch as a gamer, and general thoughts on Twin Peaks The Return. She was endearing, offered nice angles on how her scene was shot, and did not crack when the hosts said they wanted her to be the new Donna.

Sparkwood & 21 began their coverage of Part Nine by pointing out the opening credits as the descent of the Golden Laura Globe’s descent onto Twin Peaks, and then stating there is a LOT of code here. Bushnell’s clenched fists for example, looking like Lil’s code for trouble with law enforcement. The hosts think everything Diane does looks suspicious. This podcast is the only one of the week that calls a connection to the Laura Globe with the sunlight from the forest over the sheriff station (which endears them to me as I saw it this way immediately when I watched). They took a fun tangent wondering if Wally Brando was actually a puppet, and then called this Lucy and Andy scene them “literally taking a stance”. They wonder if Johnny Horne broke through a barrier because Laura is back, note how the Betty Briggs scene is the first cozy scene of The Return, and call out the different type (caps then lower case, MMS then regular text) between DoppelCooper’s message and the one Diane receives. Is Diane investigating but not directly in cahoots with DoppelCooper? As well as the actual tuning forks, are Jerry and Johnny Horne tuning forks in their own way? The hosts only call out two Coopers (rather than the half for Dougie) and think the Owl Cave Ring IS a representation of Mother/Experiment. The smoking scene seems to be code, possibly between Cole and Diane because Tammy is there, but more likely between Gordon and Tammy because Albert is NOT there. Does Gordon divide up information among his people? The hosts review Bill Hastings’ geocities style website and pull out the importance of acoustic resonances and how that can bring about alternate dimensions. Has the Great Northern hum been controlling Ben Horne? And the hosts want someone to unplug that lamp because “I want Cooper to come out.” They think a frog thing is inside Sky Fererra’s character, and think overall this whole Part felt like old Twin Peaks. They followed up up their episode with a Listener Feedback episode and it’s classic as ever.

Twin Peaks The Return covered Part Nine with guest Stephanie Lai, who experienced the effects of dementia with her father and therefore is massively uncomfortable watching the Dougie scenes (this is not yet, if ever, cathartic to her). They note the airplane shot is reversed, there are a ton of trios, that Lil had red shoes as well as Audrey, Hawk displays Passive Resistance with Chad, and the Briggs’ chair is also the same one the Giant is sitting in in the first black and white scene of Part One. Jerry’s mixed into Sparkle somehow, have a nice discussion about the folks arguably angry about Audrey’s lack of presence and give her credit for being able to sweep in like Diane and still be pivotal, and they note that Chad’s eating corn (in plastic no less). Bad things happen at the Roadhouse and good things happen at the Diner thusfar, and yes Diane was expecting a message but was that DoppelCooper’s? Tammy moves like a snake. Portrayal of time is being deliberately confused, such as Hawk’s arrival at the red room curtains probably happening in the future. It’s mentioned Josie hummed in her first scene and Hayley comes out as a big Josie fan, and it’s asked if Sky Ferrera’s character now works at the burger joint where Lucy’s sandwich came from. They noticed the empty beer can and the LEFT arm issues before getting all poetic about evil bursting out of people and corrupting from within. Andy had a new segment called theoryfish where he asked if there are Cooper connections with Wizard of Oz (Where do you think I fall on this question).

Wrapped In Podcast did an academic poem reading of “This is the water” early in the week as well as their normal coverage of Part Nine. Jeff Fallis a full poem reading, academic close reading style, and cuts the poem into six lines rather than three. He tries to strictly read the poem without the circumstances, skull crushing and delivery around it present in the “performance.” He digs into connotations of the words, and notes things such as “descending is associated with water hardly ever”. All hosts then discuss and wonder who the poem actually addresses, and then they play Johnny Cash. The hosts began coverage of Part Nine with a discussion whether Bob is inside DoppelCooper or not, and leans not. When the Air Force’s Davis calls Gordon about Briggs’ body in Buckhorn, this is the first of many ticks off boxes of things we suspected were going to happen but hadn’t. They associate Cheetos with Garmonbozia, note the Cooper/DoppelCooper bullet wound similarities, call out the shadow of the American Flag creating what looked like maybe a portal on the wall, and note how the two sets of three cops blocking in Ike is a doubling of tripples. Kyle DISSECTS the Andy Lucy chair scene (worth a listen though highly likely this is at least half overthinking) and the hosts talk how Buckhorn is colored in a lot of Greens while Dougie is around a lot of reds (as far as traffic signal imagery goes). They point out Tamera Preston for not acting like a sex kitten for the first time, noting Bill Hastings’ similarity to Bill Pullman’s Lost Highway character, and note the tuning fork similarities with Briggs’ device and the Great Northern hum.

Endgame Podcasts covered Part Nine with returning guest Jenny On The Job, and they continue to be equal parts theory conjecture and standard recapping, which I enjoy quite a bit. They start out wondering if Ike (and possibly DoppelCooper) are using a phone system that perhaps runs through Argentina. They note how Hutch and Chantelle are a modern take on Twin Peaks Adultery, wonder how loyal DoppelCooper’s criminal network is, and guess if Diane was like her current incarnation back in original Twin Peaks. Their guest figures Diane thinks along these lines: After all these years, that awful man WASN’T the same as that good man she’d known so well, she knows this is true now, a relief, and now Diane’s just tired, and wants to go home. Diane may be in it with Jeffries to bring down Cooper, now to bring down the man who’s been impersonating Cooper. And then the smoking scene shows she’s on better terms with Gordon. Was Phyllis hired by DoppelCooper to kill Bill Hastings? Did Ray Monroe kill Ruth and ask Bill “who is your wife?” Even though the hosts give Frost a giant shoutout of recognition at the beginning, they reveal they’ve not read Secret History of Twin Peaks (you can start here, fellas). They like the mature Bobby a lot, and think Jerry may stumble on the Black Lodge. In the Briggs message, they spot the 1/2 Coop for Dougie, and think the red circle could be for the Golden Laura Orb. The Great Northern humming lamp may make a shadow of Mother/Experiment? Everything except Johnny Horne and the two girls (with the empty beer can prop) seem to forward the plot.

The Brad Dukes Show covered Part Nine with his guest Aly Tanner. Part Nine relieved Brad’s fears from Part Eight, and Aly is surprised that DoppelCooper and Dougie still appear unchanged after what the woodsmen did to DoppelCoop last Part. They posit the lodges seem to want these two to meet and settle it on their own rather than interfere. More and more they think DoppelCooper is the billionaire. Aly asks if Johnny Horne had Bob in him, and they discuss it’s likely he died. Jerry and Jacoby are seen as comedic diversions, and the hosts note how SO many things were drawn together with the Bill Hastings interrogation. They note Rash Girl’s LEFT arm being the issue.

Fire Talk With Me covered Part Nine with guest Damon Houx. They thought Part Eight felt more Lynch and this one felt more Frost. The hosts all expected Cooper to come back in that police department scene, and the Betty scene made them cry. They discuss possible time discrepancies within the return but Allie says thst got solved for her when the Great Northern key made it through the post office, and later about Diane, she said “it’s so weird to not know she’s a real person, and then find out she’s a real person and then have to wonder wether or not to trust her.” She also calls DoppelCooper killing Jerry Horne in the forest before the Return wraps up. They guve Ben credit for being a changed man rather than being affected by the hum, and rather than a supernatural take on Sparkle, they see the two girls scene as a commentary on the effects of drugs.

Bookhouse Podcast covered Part Nine by beginning with their off-the-mark predictions. With DoppelCooper being Mr. Todd’s boss, is he everything? The hosts think the billionaire is probably someone else. Bushnell is on Dougie’s side, and Lynch is intentionally screwing with us by delaying the surfacing of Our Cooper. They don’t see the Jerry scenes going anywhere but since it keeps coming back maybe it will(?). The main host thought the Bobby/Betty scene was weird but the other two loved it. They’re kind of on board with Tamera Preston, and they wonder if there’s a Briggs device in the walls of the Great Northern causing the hum. They think we’ll never see the two girls again but we’ll probably hear ABOUT them. The hosts then make predictions: Bobby is either in the lodge, in a scene with Shelly, or maybe deals with killing a man (in FWWM). Or, Ruth’s body will be found, or, Johnny Horne is now in a coma in the same room as his also-in-a-coma sister.

Boob Tube Buddies covered Part Nine and began by discussing old school Twin Peaks in relation to the new. The beginning and ending segments are fairly observational that goes into tangents rather than talking Twin Peaks, but their Player Three segment was solid, explaining how Bobby Briggs was the only character in Twin Peaks who had a legitimate connection to Laura (mostly mentioning stories from the Diary) before going into the Briggs as a whole. The Briggs are the only traditional family unit in the town and the first number Sarah calls for comfort when she finds Laura’s missing. The Major was created by Mark Frost, and has vocal mannerisms of his own father Warren Frost. And Briggs seems to be an ideal of the masonic role Grand Architect of the Universe, a concept worth looking up if you want some homework.

Twin Peaks Revival did a reactcast for Part Nine and began by looking into DoppelCooper, who the hosts decide expected everything that happened to him except Ray shooting him. They brought up the old Cheetos slogan Dangerously Cheesy, didn’t notice the Audrey shoes connection themselves but discussed the fan theory anyway, didn’t care for the Andy/Lucy scene, and thought Ruth and Bill brought the weird to Buckhorn rather than Buckhorn having it naturally.

Not on the list but you released a podcast last week? Leave a comment here so I can add you into my listening schedule. The Twin Peaks community needs to know about you!

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