A Final(e) Catharsis: Homeward Bound 17&18

EDIT: This is a hot take from the night of the finale. Emotions and ideas reflect raw reaction. 

They did it again. I cried from the moment he took Laura’s hand until the end of 17. And then part 18 happened. I both love and hate the ending. I loved every moment of Laura, of the magnificent Sheryl Lee. They teased Audrey, my favourite character, and I didn’t get her. I don’t trust Diane. They definitely set up for either a movie or a fourth season. I drank a whole bottle of wine. It’s my first viewing of FWWM all over again. 

I took a walk after writing the above. It took me forty minutes and I now have a blister. I’m warm, and I shed all of my clothes. For the forty minutes of my walk, I was on the phone with my very good friend Joseph D. Clarke, who has helped cleared my mind a bit. I am currently listening to David Lynch’s The Air is On Fire.

All along, I believe that this was a setup for a season 4 or a final film, which may or may not ever happen. While Part 17 was everything I anticipated (and far more predictable than I had imagined), Part 18 was like nothing anyone had ever even speculated about. What really happened? None can say, other than this – I think that Australian promos had it right all along. Laura is missing. Dale Cooper removed her from the timeline a la Barry Allen’s Flashpoint and now, as Diane said, “everything might be different,” and it is.


Remember Richard and Linda. Well, apparently Diane is now Linda and Cooper is Richard, except that Cooper is Barry Allen and he is the only one who remembers history as it was. Was I the only one who didn’t trust Diane for a second? Who believed that when she said she was real, that she really wasn’t? Also, I’m gratified that I was right all along that the “Is is Future or is it Past?” Phillip Gerard line was time whacked. No one else’s storyline matters anymore because it’s all been overwritten. 

These two parts didn’t feel anything like the rest of the season. They stand apart as other entirely. I felt the spectrum of human emotion from intense disgust to hatred to unyielding sorrow. I am empty, but I am also at peace. Somehow, I was always preparing for this. Always preparing for another Season 2 finale, always preparing for another unsatisfactory ending.

A season 4 or a final film is now inevitable, despite the unknowable answer of whether or not it will happen. (Side note, Slow 30’s Room has come on on the album). But what will we get? DC moved from Flashpoint right into the New 52 and for anyone familiar with New 52…it was a mess that they’re now fixing with Doctor Manhattan aka, DC’s version of  The Fireman. Suddenly DC comics are seeming very Lynchian – will this be the angle taken in the next installment of Twin Peaks? Do we even really want more? Will there actually be more or unlike Barry is this Dale’s final unfixable mistake? (Or is it only a mistake from ours and Dale’s pov?) Has Dale reset the world to our world? 


I recall when I liked the Inheritance trilogy (which I now recognize to be a mediocre Star War/LOTR mash up with Doctor Who references) and was upset when I discovered that it was going to be four books instead of the promised three. It’s that feeling, but less intense. I’ll take whatever comes from Lynch and Frost next. 

I’m at peace because I still haven’t accepted the Return. I can still pretend that Twin Peaks ended with Season 2. Twenty-five years of non-continuation will do that to a person. Eventually, I will accept it. Gladly even.  Do I want season four/another film? It’s been something on the horizon for the entire run of S3. People have been demanding it, threatening it. I’ve always said that I trusted in Lynch and Frost, and that if there was a story to tell, I’d be with them all the way. Am I still? The emptiness in me answers that yes, I guess I am, but I need time. Time to process, to accept. To get over everything that happened. Time to accept what I cannot change, or so says St. Francis. That’s some good advice, Coop. 

The past dictates the future.

Dale, honey, you didn’t read enough comics as a child. Sometimes, people need to stay dead.

Edited Sept. 5th 3:58 pm

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Written by Eileen G. Mykkels


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  1. It’s interesting that so many see more coming. Apparently Lynch has suggested that too? For me, I don’t really see where else the show has to go. What do you do after saying, “Attempting to revive the past is a fool’s errand that ultimately destroys the past you wanted to save.”?

  2. My sense immediately after watching it, was that if we had been certain of another season, this ending would have been a stunningly brilliant cliffhanger. With the likelihood that there will not be one, it becomes frustrating and even sad, in that I didn’t expect an all-threads-resolved tidy ending, but I very much hoped that my last image from “Twin Peaks” would be a warm and mostly cheerful one. It was going in that direction in Episode 17. I don’t know why Lynch and Frost wanted to take it in this different direction. I’m sure they had a good reason, they were not indulging themselves or trying to upset their loyal audience. Maybe they wanted to leave an opening for more TP, or maybe they thought that a happy ending would not be true to the nature of the show. And I will say that I did worry that there could not be two “Coopers” existing in the same reality, which led me to think that Dale might actually return to the Jones household, with the “seed” simply having been employed and destroyed to decoy evil Coop. I was wrong about that; but, yes, the ending made sure that there wasn’t going to be a visual facsimile of Cooper called Dougie Jones, as well the real Dale Cooper in Washington. Maybe that traditional sci-fi requirement led to this ending?

    I don’t think it was a dystopian ending, as some have suggested. Laura did live; one can hear the emanations from the house What happened in the rest of this season did happen, it was not wiped out, nor was it someone’s dream.. Cooper is still Cooper with his memories, even if he is subtly different than the one in E17. But since we the viewers cannot write the rest of it, it would be up to Lynch and Frost to do it. And if they just leave us at this point, it is hard not to feel an emptiness. The show meant so much, and it enthralled me all summer. Surely there must be more, somehow?

  3. The author of this article keeps harping on about a movie or season 4, and comparing The Return to The Flash. Grow up! This is a fully realised story, WITH AN ENDING! This particular piece of writing is beneath this website.

    • Hi! – I said it’s set up to happen, not that it would. I’m glad you expect high quality work from our website, but hot takes are not always the most rational. Please keep that in mind. That being said, I don’t particularly want a season 4.

  4. The theory I like best is Cooper and Diane pierced the fourth wall. Cooper thought he saved Laura, so almost in a trance he reached her and wanted to take her home. There was no home to go to, though. The woman in Laura’s house is not an actress, she’s the actual owner of the house in the real world! That’s what makes me lean towards the fourth wall theory. Then at the end, when Sarah’s distorted voice calls for Laura, that’s Judy saying “You thought you ran away, well think again”. And that’s why Laura screams, with Cooper dazed and confused at her side. There are plenty monsters on this side too, my heroes.
    It’s a blood-chilling scene. Episode 18 is almost chirurgical in its bleakness and hopelessness. I won’t watch it again for a week at least. The more I think about it the more I’m overwhelmed by dread.

  5. Has Cooper never watched an episode of Dr Who ( which would be right up his street), never mess with key points in history ie Laura Palmer ‘s murder. But that’s what his job is, to save lives. He saves Laura on the night of her death only for her to be sucked away, finds her again in another body Carrie Page and takes her home, only its not home. And then there’s that scream. Has Laura Palmer woken up ? Then there was the scream (another epic one) but Laura is still there, she hasn’t disappeared or been sucked away and there’s going to be one hell of a mess to clear up. But Laura Palmer is still alive I didn’t think Lynch would have the guts but he did,he brought a dead girl back to life. By the way the High Council of Time Lords have a few questions for Agent Cooper.

  6. I know this is a blog and it’s main purpose is to provide a vehicle for reactive commentary, but I think you need some more time to sit with this. This ending is not the same as the true cliffhanger in Season 2; in which the creators were anticipating continuing the story. While you can imagine the end of Episode 18 as a starting point for a new story, it feels like the closing chapter of a book. That book, the story of the Twin Peaks that we all grew to know over the last 25 years is over. If Lynch and Frost decide to move forward, this could be considered a rebirth–but as of right now, it feels like a clear end.

    • I repeat – this was a hot take. A raw response. I’m already at a different place, I have no desire for a season 4.

      • I think you have a secret desire for Season 4, as have I. But we don’t need it. Since Lynch seems to be a master in giving us not what we want, but what we need, stay assured he won’t make the mistake of giving us a season 4. Want, not need.

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